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Update 7.2: Cosmetics for Dummies

The latest Lotro Update 7.2 brought us some curious new items. As they are cosmetics-related, a newsflash on my blog seems appropriate*.

The Cosmetics vendor at the Skirmish Camp now sells “Moria” cosmetics, but if you, like myself, were hoping for the high level Moria and Watcher stuff, you will be disappointed. Only both sets of the light, medium and heavy armour items are available, and not the raid items nor the class specific items. I assume those will be added with a later Update.

I only took previews of the first set of items but the second set is also available and shares appearance with the crafted Lothlorien T6 recipes. Since the Lothlorien items are not very current anymore, I can see how a beginning player would want these.
Unfortunately the oddest thing about these Moria cosmetics is their price. Each piece will cost you 687 marks + 42 medallions! I don’t think any pre-moria level player will spend that many medallions on one single cosmetic item, and level 56+ players are much better off running a Grand Stairs Hard Mode rather than spending their medallions. One quick GS run will net you enough Medallions of Moria to purchase two or even three of those same pieces at the Orc Watch or the Shadowed Refuge. Frankly, I don’t understand the pricing of these items. They’re more expensive than the Rift or Helegrod cosmetics even!

In different places around Middle Earth, Apparel Dummies have appeared. There are four different dummies, each displaying a different cosmetic outfit. Clicking on these objects takes you to the Lotro Store, where the corresponding outfit is offered as a Cosmetics Bundle. The items on display are not available individually.
Though I really like the idea of using ingame dummies to promote store cosmetics, the idea is not very well executed. First of all, the dummies appear in odd places. I would expect them near Armour Vendors or places that have natural vendor traffic, but in stead they seem to stand around randomly, unrelated to any vendor or market place activity. Rather than blending in they appear out of place. Secondly, some of the outfits on display can be obtained ingame as well. Personally I would have preferred outfits that were store exclusive only. Some players are furious that these items are yet another in-game “button” to take you to the Lotro store. I respectfully disagree. I am all in favour of buying cosmetics and fluff in the store rather than stat tomes and relics, and unlike the store button on your UI, these dummies are easily avoided if they irritate you.
Some of these dummies present armour that is also available from crafting or drops. Below I have identified and listed the individual pieces and (if available) an alternative way to obtain them.
From left to right:


Chest, legs, shoulders, hands and feet: Crafted T6 Medium Armour level 51-58. Appears as Footman’s, Scout’s, Herald’s or Marchwarden’s Armour
Head: Himhar (quest reward from Vol.I, Ch.8, Heavy Armour), or Ceremonial Himhar (store cosmetic), or Scowling Helm (Classic Vendor, Halls of Night, Heavy Armour level 50)
Back: Wig-feld, (boa drop from Thaurlagh, Rift raid) or Ceremonial Wig-feld (store cosmetic)


Chest: Arth-crus, (boe drop from Isengard instances, Light Armour, sometimes available at the Auction House)
Legs: Rhuvel-socas, (boe drop from Isengard instances, Light Armour, sometimes available at the Auction House)
Head: Fancy Plumed Hat (store exclusive cosmetic)
Feet: Rune-stitched Dunlending Shoes (etc.) Dunland quest reward (Light Armour level 65-70) -> these boots look very different on female characters!


Head: Turquoise Summer Circlet (Festival gift-box cosmetic – not dyeable) or (store cosmetic – dyeable)
Chest: Elegant Formal Dress (store exclusive cosmetic)
Back: Cloak of the Dragonfly (store exclusive cosmetic)


Chest: Short-sleeved Corsair’s Tunic and Pants (Festival gift-box cosmetic), Long-sleeved version is a tailor recipe from Spring Festival
Head: Black Corsair Eyepatch and Hat (Festival gift-box cosmetic or Pirates Event reward – without gold band) or (store cosmetic – with gold band)
Back: Map-maker’s Travel Pack (skirmish or store cosmetic)

* Thank you Crell for not letting me off so easy 😉


  1. The corsair hat I believe isn’t in a gift box. I think the gold-trim makes it a store exclusive.; The dragonfly cloak has been in the lotto on more the one occasion. Check your AH! Interesting that it’s one-ish store exclusive piece per outfit.

    • Yeah I know the lotto cloaks, but they are so rare it’s hardly a “place to look”. The hat in the store is the same as from the box, you can also obtain it as a reward from the Pirates event (usually around September).

      • My two that I regularly use were both acquired in the pirate day event.
        Mariner’s Hat; Mariner’s Hat and Eyepatch. (Dyeable portion is the bandana under the hat) There is no gold band on the hat with or without the eyepatch, dyed or undyed. ; Perhaps the corsair hat/eye patch from the festival were different items prior to these past 2 years, but I checked that they matched this year because I specifically wanted that banded appearance and it didnt have it. The store is the only way I know of to acquire the banded appearance sadly.

      • Ok I will check again next time I see one of those hats from gift-boxes. I must admit the only item from the Pirates event that I ever saved is the single eye-patch (I really dislike the hats), so I’ll take your (no doubt correct) word for the gold-band detail. 😀

  2. Elinnea

    There’s also a circlet on Dummy 3 (not sure which one it is) and a back item on Dummy 4 (I think the Map-maker’s Travel Pack?)

    Thanks for doing this, it’s helpful to see a breakdown of what the cosmetic items are. I don’t really mind the cosmetics dummies being in the game, although I agree the placement could be better, especially in locations like Rivendell, where “out of place” is an understatement.

  3. Ivy

    Lotro is a capitalist venture first and a game second. I get that. However, I agree with Hymne; the dummies could have been dressed/placed with store-exclusive cosmetics near outfitters rather than in the middle of Middle Earth (heh) selling some items obtainable in the game.

  4. I’m not sure what to make of these dummies yet. I think they definitely could be implemented in a more thoughtful way that better respects the environment around them (for example, why are there Hobbit-dummies in Aughaire or Lórien?).

    I presume the items are cosmetic versions only, and I presume they are going to rotate the displayed outfits every so often. It will be interesting to see how often they might do this and what they’ll be offering. I’d love to see really solid, creatively matched, thematic, and most of all setting-appropriate outfits on the dummies. I think that would be more interesting than just offering a bunch of stuff already available in-store. I wonder if the devs might be interested in selecting favourite outfits from the “Show us your outfit” forum thread or the various outfit blogs to display on the dummies and sell as bundles.

    Wherever they plan on taking this, the introduction of cosmetic crafted armour and cosmetic instance drop armour is very interesting. I very much agree with you Hymne that cosmetics and fluff is exactly what the store should be focusing on. I wonder if we will be seeing more cosmetic-ised crafted sets and instance loot pieces in the future?

      • I already suggested that on the Forum’s in Sapience’s post. Would be a really fun contest in my opinion, as long as they keep it to “store only” items.
        By the way, “Apparel Dummies” are going to be “Mannequins” with next update.

  5. Zaianya

    I think I have most of these items already, and I didn’t get them in the store (minus the cloak obviously). I think these dummies would make a lot more sense if they were 1) better placed and 2) were advertising NEW store exclusive offerings (Arth-crus is old hat; I already see it everywhere). I, too, am all in favor of purchasing fluff from the store, but this feels…weird.

  6. Your eye for the apparel particulars is excellent!
    You are to lotro clothing what Ollivander was to Harry Potter wands. (my nerd pot boileth over…)

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