Cross class bartering

As you progress through Middle Earth you can earn different kinds of currencies. Some go into your Barter Wallet (Marks, Medallions and Seals), and some go into your inventory and can be shared with your other characters (Medallions of ***). If you have the Upgraded Barter Wallet, all Medallions of *** will go in there as well and can be shared with all your characters.

There are various Landscape tokens as well that pertain to specific regions. Some of these tokens can be used to barter for armour as well, regardless of class. Just keep in mind that the item will be bound to the character you make the purchase on, and that you will need Wardrobe space to use the item cosmetically if your character is of a different class than the armour you purchased.

At first you probably only use these currencies to gear up your character, but once you are satisfied with that, you may consider using some of these currencies to purchase armour from another class to use cosmetically. I recently realized that not everyone is aware of the different options that are available to obtain armour that is intended for a class other than the one we play, so I’ve tried to compile a summary of all cross class barter options.

Obviously, you would only buy armour from another class for cosmetic purposes, as you cannot use armour that you do not meet the class requirements for.
Don’t forget you need the Wardrobe to cosmetically equip armour from another class!

Reminder: the Cosmetics vendor at the Skirmish Camp also sells cosmetic versions from many sets.

Medallions & Marks

Medallions and Marks are in your barter wallet

  • Skirmish Camp, Classic vendor
    Great Barrows: light, medium, heavy (purple)
    Eregion (same as GB): light, medium, heavy (purple)
    Annuminas: light, medium, heavy (purple, teal)
    Helegrod: all classes (purple, teal)
    Dol Guldur: all classes (2 versions)
  • Galtrev, Quartermaster
    Draigoch: all classes (teal)
  • Ox-clan Merchant Camp, Class Trainers
    Cross-class bartering has been disabled since U14. You can only barter for your own class.
    Isengard: all classes (purple, teal)
  • Harndirion, Novice’s Quartermaster
    Armour of the West: all classes (purple)

Landscape tokens
Most landscape tokens go into your barter wallet (with exception of the Dol Amroth tokens). The following tokens can be traded for armour with interesting cosmetic appearance:

  • Arnorian Coins, Evendim, Tinnundir (barter’s name is Cannuion)
  • Tokens of the Anduin, Great River, Stangard reputation barters (2 cosmetics)
  • Tokens of the Riddermark, all armour barters throughout Rohan
  • Tokens of Hytbold, Rohan, Hytbold class barters (all barters are unlocked at Kindred Reputation)
  • Wildermore Coins, Wildermore, Forlaw reputation barter
  • Tokens of Dol Amroth (gold & silver tradeable), Gondor, Dol Amroth armour & class barters

Medallions of Moria
Medallions can be given to your alts through Shared Storage or Upgraded Barter Wallet.

  • Orc Watch, Flaming Deeps, Foundations of Stone
    Moria: all classes (purple, teal not available)

Medallions of Lothlórien
Medallions can be given to your alts through Shared Storage or Upgraded Barter Wallet.
Cross class bartering is not possible in Lothlórien.

Commendations are in your Barter Wallet.

  • Ettenmoors, Class Barter
    You can barter with all classes.


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