Cosmetic Lotro

Shipwrecked Mariners

‘Ahoy there! I am First Mate aboard this ship — or at least I was until we were beset by a great storm! The ship sails up and down the Icebay providing much-needed supplies to the North. That work, though, was brought to an end with the storm. Our ship was grounded, the quartermaster and I were washed overboard, and our cargo lost. I know not if the Captain or anyone else survived the disaster.’

I slightly adjusted “The Tale of the Shipwrecked Mariners” to fit the land of Forochel, where I took the screenshots for these outfits. Next week Lotro will host another round of this small yearly event, which provides a good motive to create some piratey outfits with the cosmetic rewards. This event is non-Lotro lore and happens around a holiday known around the world as “International Talk Like a Pirate Day” on September 19 .

The cosmetic rewards for this event that you can barter for at Quartermaster Mindambeth during the days of the event, are only three pieces: a hat, an eyepatch and a hat-with-eyepatch. It would be nice if the rewards list would be pimped a little some day, maybe with an exotic parrot pet or a yarr! animation. However if you are new to Lotro or play on one of the legendary servers, these three items may be a nice addition to your cosmetics collection. Mind you that these items are bound to character, so get them on a character that has enough vault space to store them.

Head: Mariner’s Hat and Eyepatch – red dye (only the backside dyes, not the hat itself)
Shoulders: Ascot Scarf, red dye (Harvest festival)
Chest: Shabby Tunic, Evendim blue dye (Yule festival)
Hands: Gloves of the Helmingas, default (RoR pre-order reward)
Legs: Luc-socas, navy dye (Isengard drop/reward)
Feet: Scout’s Weathered Leather Boots, walnut brown dye (Isengard drop/reward)
Back: Treasure Hunter’s Rucksack, walnut brown dye (Treasure Hunt event)
Weapon: Dwarf-made dagger (world drop lvl60)

Head: Mariner’s Eyepatch – default
Shoulders: Ascot Scarf, red dye (Harvest festival)
Chest: Isengard Prisoner Shirt, Ashenslades green (reward Bk.4 ch.19)
Hands: Isengard Prisoner Gloves, Ashenslades green (reward Bk.4 ch.19)
Legs: Shabby Leggings, Ashenslades green dye (Yule festival)
Feet: Dwarf-smith’s Boots, white dye (Quartermaster in Skarhald)
Back: Tattered cloak, default (Steel-bound lootbox)
Weapon: Ceremonial Easterling Sword (Bert Bartleby in Harwick)

Head: Mariner’s Hat – black dye (only the backside dyes, not the hat itself)
Shoulders: Ascot Scarf, red dye (Harvest festival)
Chest: Fine Grey Company Tunic, black dye (reward Bk.5 ch.1)
Hands: Dextrous Gages of Thranduil’s Cunning, black dye (barter Elves of Felegoth)
Feet: Lithe Boots of Thranduil’s Power, black dye (barter Elves of Felegoth)
Back: Stowed Threadbare Cloak, black dye (Classic Barter Skirmish Camp)
Weapon: Blade of Swift Stings (Limlight Gorge reputation Barter)


  1. very clever use of the Grey Company chestpiece in the last one! It doesn’t even look like itself paired with the whole pirate getup, that’s my favorite of the three

  2. As always, another amazing addition to your almost yearly Shipwrecked Mariner outfits! It’s great to see some pieces get unconventionally creative use! The second one is my favorite!

  3. Gotta love the Ascot scarf! Also I agree with Gloredh that the use of Grey Company chest piece was brilliant.
    The first one could actually pass for a gunslinger too. XD

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