Cosmetic Lotro

Ready to ride

So it seems we’re not only heading into Rohan, we’re heading into the next phase of outfit madness as well! In Massively’s hands on update about the Rohan expansion, Sypster gives us a sneak peak into our war-steed panel. Apart from combat skills, stats and traits and what have you, there is a separate tab to customize the appearance of your steed! It’s quite detailed as it offers slots for head, body, legs, tail, hide, saddle and gear. You will start of with some basic looks, but will be able to earn a variety of different ones through quests and deeds (and no doubt the Lotro store as well). Being a horse lover myself, I am completely thrilled by this feature! The focus of the Rohan expansion seems to be on the customization of your steed, not just in terms of traits, weight and endurance but in appearance as well. I got so inspired I immediately headed off to the horsefields in Bree to prepare my horse for the adventures that await us!

I finally (yeah I’m a hardcore casual player) finished my Limlight Gorge reputation grind and made it to kindred. The first thing I picked as a reward is this tunic & trousers of course, which, just like its counterpart from Stangard, allows for the addition of gloves and shoes. There are only very few boots that you can properly wear with this, as the hem of the trousers cuts through the boots, so in most cases you end up using shoes anyway.
The tunic has the appearance of a chainmail garment and seems very appropriate for a hobbit heading into Rohan.

Chest : Easterling Tunic and Trousers, olive dye (Limlight Gorge barter, kindred reputation, cosmetic)
Head: Strong Helmet of Theodred, umber dye (Crafted T7, heavy)
Shoulders: Leather Shoulder-guards of the Leaping Stag, umber dye (Dunland quest reward, medium)
Hands: Isengard Prisoner Gloves, umber dye (Vol.III book 4 reward, cosmetic)
Back: Cloak of Might, olive dye (World drop level 75)


  1. Sorchawen

    Thank you again for your wonderful write up. I have already purchased the expansion and now i’m just dancing around my computer and thinking … Hmmm? another graphics card is in my future LOL and i won’t mind a bit ! I’m just so excited about the new mount concept that i’m literally grabbing a towel to catch all the drool. Of course i linked (from your suggestion) and OMGOOOSE, this is gonna be SO awesome ! Thanks again this is a wonderful peek at things to come and I hope you will continue to write your well written and refreshing post for a long time to come ! *hi 5’s*

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