Cosmetic Lotro

Fresh snow



I wish everyone a good and prosperous new year! I hope that your many adventures, either in Middle-earth or in your life, will bring you plentiful rewards and always a comfortable hobbit hole to return to. 
I have enjoyed seeing everyone’s winter outfits during the festival. It is so inspiring to see hobbits, dwarves and elves running their errands in Frostbluff on hobby-horses wearing warm furry cloaks while dragging along fluffy white rabbits, little yule trees and kegs.


The Yule Festival will soon be over and I was able to acquire everything I wanted in multiples, except for the Hobbit presents from previous years. I spent a lot of MC trying to get that elusive Yule Rug for my home, but no luck. The presents from previous years seem to be a true rarity and I am sad I didn’t try harder for the rug during the previous Yule festival. I hope some day these elusive items will make it to the store. Until such time, I will have to be content with regular rugs. Luckily the cosmetics vendor Myrtle Mint did add four great fur rugs to her inventory that I have used all over my Yule house by the fireplaces. 



Head: –
Shoulders: Fur Mantle, autumn leaf dye (Yule festival)
Chest: Soothing Waistcoat of the Anvil, dye n/a (Light Armour, Anvil of Winterstith raid)
Legs: –
Hands: Gloves of the Anvil, dye n/a (Light Armour, Anvil of Winterstith raid)
Feet: Boots of Bright Company, gold dye (Figments of Splendour, Rowan Raspberry)
Back: Fancy Snow-cloak, Sea blue dye (LOTRO Store)
Sword: Guarding Blade of Grárik (Quartermaster Anvil of Winterstith)

I have a dedicated Yule house that I play with during the winter months. You are most welcome to visit any time:

Laurelin Server, 1 Colt Road, Ravenbourn, Rohan Kingstead.


  1. Lala

    I really love your outfits and I have referred to them over the years for inspiration. How do you take such lovely shots?

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