Cosmetic Lotro


When Lotro went Free to Play, and the Lotro Store was launched, it already had its first “store exclusive” cosmetics. Many players had insisted to Turbine on a store concept that would encourage purchasing items that were cosmetic in nature, beautiful in design but useless for game progression. So the store catered to that request by launching with a wonderful selection of store exclusive cloaks and dresses. If I recall correctly a few more store exclusive cloak designs were added with a later patch, and a year later a few store exclusive robes made it to the store as well. Unfortunately, in spite of that promising beginning, no store exclusive cosmetic items have been added since.
This leads me to believe that store exclusive cosmetics really don’t sell that well, and adding more items would require an investment in designer time that cannot be compensated with enough sales. Personally, I am very sad about this. From the very beginning I have been an avid advocate of a store concept that encourages buying beautiful, well designed store exclusive cosmetics.

The very first store exclusive cosmetic that I bought was the Cloak of the Windsinger. I was delighted with that cloak and wore it all the time. Soon enough my vault started filling up with other items and the cloak was tucked away on an alt character. I still think those early store cloaks are really beautiful, and the option to get both a hooded and non-hooded version of them is awesome. However I am craving some new ones! Last year I had hoped that the Isengard expansion would bring us new store cosmetics, and while it brought us a whole new and well designed range of armour pieces to be earned questing, nothing store exclusive was added to the cosmetics department.
I am sure that we will see many new wonderful armour designs in Rohan as well, but I would like to offer a plea to the designer team of Turbine: if you have any left-over designs that were discarded and didn’t make it into armour, please consider using those designs and add them to the store! There are many low level players who haven’t even gotten to Isengard yet that would love to get their hands on those. Please don’t let the cosmetics department wither and dye… uh oh… die!

Chest : Lesser Blade of the West Breastplate, white dye (OD Champion Set)
Head: Circlet of Adamant, default dye (Store exclusive, cosmetic)
Shoulders: Sellsword’s Shoulder Guards, white dye (Crafted T6, heavy)
Hands: Sellsword’s Gloves, white dye (Crafted T6, heavy)
Legs: Lesser Defender of the West Leggings, white dye (OD Warden Set)
Feet: Sellsword’s Boots, white dye (Crafted T6, heavy)
Back: Cloak of the Windsinger, grey dye (Store exclusive, cosmetic)


  1. Nice outfit! I really like the colors.

    I am not much up to date on LotRO news, so I wonder if they ever had a contest to design cosmetic items? I know they do it for horses. I think it could bring us some beautiful options for the store.

    • Indeed, I really wanted something all out Elvish, yet heavy armour, but never liked the Sellsword type leggings for female elves. They’re so cluncky. I’m so glad I found the OD warden leggings!

    • Yes, the cloak is still available in both a hooded and un-hooded version for 195 TP. You may want to wait and see what happens with the Summer Sale offers during this month. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the sale days is for cosmetics.

  2. Sorchawen

    You’ve done it again … another beautifully put together design. I have bought many cosmetic items in the Lotro store and enjoy each and everyone. I agree, bring out the discarded ideas and lets see what inspirations of creative design we can find.

  3. So, has Turbine contacted you, begging to sell your design on an Apparel Mannequin yet? This and your Red Dawn outfit would beat the stew out of whatever they’re trying to hawk right now. I laughed when I saw the suits they’re showing off (as did all my friends). This… this though would turn heads.

    So yeah, once again good job. I still hearken back to this a month later when I think of your best outfits.

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