… use the Wardrobe

What is the Wardrobe?
The Wardrobe is a special kind of shared storage space. However, it is different from regular storage space, because it does not keep the actual item in there. It only keeps a copy of the item! It is wise to store the original item (in your house chest) in case you ever want to free up space in your Wardrobe but not lose the item itself.

Why should I use the Wardrobe?
Four great advantages:
1) All items in the Wardrobe can be accessed and used by all your characters.
2) Without the Wardrobe, you can only equip items in your Outfit Panel that you are proficient for, however the Wardrobe lifts all restrictions! You can copy anything to the Wardrobe, regardless of level, class or reputation.You can even buy armour at the skirmish camp that is not for your class and put it in the Wardrobe!
3) If you drag a piece of armour from your bags directly into your Outfit Panel slots, the item will “bind to character”. You can avoid binding to character, by dragging it into the Wardrobe and using it from there. By avoiding binding you can store the original piece on an alt with more vault space, or even sell it if you don’t want to keep it.
4) You can dye your items in multiple colours. Each time you dye an item, the colour is added to the item. You can select which colour to use with the little drop down menu at the bottom of the Wardrobe.

How can I get Wardrobe space?
You can buy Wardrobe slots from the Lotro store. As of update 5 you can purchase up to 120 Wardrobe slots.

How do I put items in the Wardrobe?
To place an item in the Wardrobe, drag it over there from your inventory bags. Remember: it only keeps a copy, the original item remains in your bags. If you ever remove the copy from the Wardrobe, and don’t have the original anymore, you lose the item entirely.

How do I dye items in the Wardrobe?
You need a bottle of dye first. You can buy these at the Auction House or make them yourself if you are a Scholar. You can even buy dye in the Lotro store or at Lalia’s market.
To use the dye, right click on the bottle and then left click on the item in the Wardrobe.
Items in your Wardrobe can be dyed in more colours than one. Every time you use dye on an item in the Wardrobe, the new colour is added to it. You will see a small drop down menu at the bottom of the Wardrobe which let you select the colour before equipping it.

How do I equip items from the Wardrobe?
Drag it from the Wardrobe into one of your Outfit Panel slots. Make sure you have the correct colour selected in the drop-down menu at the bottom.