… take a Screenshot

  • Before making your screenshots, make sure that your graphics are tweaked to the max. Go to [graphics settings > advanced settings] and turn everything up to its highest possible settings. If your system is adequate enough, make sure you are using the High Resolution Lotro client.
  • Go to [graphics settings] and set anti-aliasing to 8x.
  • Just like photographs in real life, screenshots of clothing and outfits benefit from light. Try to take your screenshot in a well-lit area, preferably outside during daytime with the sun in your face and your shadow at your back. If you are taking a nighttime shot, find a lamppost or light spot to position your character.
  • To get the largest possible size of your character in a screenshot, scroll all the way in until the feet are almost touching the bottom of the screen.
  • Try different camera angles using the mouse scroll button or the arrow keys. Look up, down, close. Steer the mouse to find the perfect angle.
  • Use emotes such as /shakefist, /shrug or /fidget to let your characters come alive. You can also use some of your class specific skills that are not related to combat (buff skills for example), or one of the dances learned at festivals.
  • Use F12 to remove your UI-buttons and Printscreen to take your screenshots. You can find your Screenshots in your “my documents/lord of the rings online” folder.

I highly recommend Devonna’s “How to Take a Great Screenshot” guide as the best guide available regarding screenshots in Lotro.