Cosmetic Lotro

Seeds of Spring

Yes it is starting to look like Spring! Time for dresses! I am browsing through my collection of dresses trying to find inspiration for warmer weather outfits. This outfit was my first attempt for this year. Lately some dress designs have appeared that allow for shoes to be used, which offers a bit more flexibility in terms of outfit design. However boots do not work as they clip through the dress. Also, these footless dresses are a bit longer which makes them more elegant. I hope this trend continues and I am really keeping my fingers crossed for a nice dress from the Spring Festival this month.

Even though the Harvest-brew Circlet is an autumn design, the fresh green color of the acorns reminds me of new buds in Spring. The peacock feathers on the dress echo the colors of new sprouts and saplings. The sun is warming up the earth which is reflected in the warmer tones.

Head: Harvest-brew Circlet, rust dye (Harvestmath festival cosmetic)
Shoulders: Expeditionary Mantle, dark green dye (Mordor quest reward)
Chest: Peacock Dress, rust dye (Summer festival cosmetic)
Feet: Dungeon-crawler’s Boots, dark green dye (Ost Galadh Burglar trainer)
Back: Cloak of the Dove, dark green dye (Lotro store cosmetic)


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