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Light from the Shadows



This Harvestmath Festival has not given us any new cosmetics. Though I understand that all the work has had to go into revamping the Legendary system, it still made me sad that this had to be at the expense of a new dress and a new horse.
But I didn’t dwell on it for long, and decided to create something new with what I already had; and what I had was some raiding gear from the Balrog that I thought was quite fitting for a Harvestmath outfit. This gear cannot be dyed, but for this occasion it doesn’t need to because its default colour will do just fine. Adding dark wings and a mask was enough to make it look ominous and stylish at once.



The smouldering effect on the Balrog gear is also appropriate for my Lore-master, who loves to play with fire. I turned off visibility of the staff to better display the back and the high neckline of the shoulder piece (you need to use short hair or an updo style to feature it).
As for the Legendary system revamp, I am very happy with it so far. It is much more simplified, and though it does need some further tuning, I personally find it an improvement over the old system. Granted, I don’t raid beyond T2, so I don’t know what hardcore raiders experience, but so far I am content. I do hope the dev team will go back to giving cosmetics a bit of love going forward. I think it’s time to retire Rowan Raspberry and bring us some new collections on the Curator or Myrtle Mint for the coming winter.



Head: Helm of Éomer, default dye (T8 Tailoring recipe)
Shoulders: Mantle of Khazad-dûm’s Fall, dye n/a (The Fall of Khazad-dûm Raid, Light Armour classes)
Chest: Robe of Khazad-dûm’s Fall, dye n/a (The Fall of Khazad-dûm Raid, Light Armour classes)
Legs: –
Hands: Fingerless Gloves, black dye (Yule Festival cosmetic)
Feet: Light Nadhin Shoes, black dye (Western Gondor drop/barter)
Back: Cosmetic Raven Wings, dye n/a (Fall Festival cosmetic)
Steed: Steed of Night (Lotro store)


  1. I love those glowy bits, it’s an added detail that I wish more cosmetics had, like shifting hues and iridescence. The contrast between the torch, ember clothes and the bleak landscape makes for great atmospheric screens!

    • Hello LadyMori welcome to LotRO and my blog! Your outfit is amazing, you are a fantastic seamstress! I wish I had that kind of skill, but I don’t, so I’ll stick to the digital versions haha.
      The items that I believe mostly resemble your design are still way out of your reach if you have only just started out in the game. I don’t know which server you are on, but you can ask for help in world chat.
      BOOTS: Medium Nadhin Boots dyed black, these appear as landscape drops in Gondor or are crafted.
      CHEST/LEGS: Assault Robe of Eomer, dyed Ered Luin blue, OR Jacket of a Merry Fellow (spring festival cosmetic).
      You can search the items on google for more information on how to obtain them. However don’t expect miracles as your style cannot be exactly replicated with what Middle-earth has to offer. Good luck finding your Middle-earth style!

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