Cosmetic Lotro

Silent Night



Werric is a Hobbit Minstrel from Needlehole in the Shire. He loves to sing. He loves to play his fiddle. Especially the white fiddle that he won in a dart-throwing contest in the Green Dragon. Inspired by the preparations for the Yule Festival he is now practicing his Yule carols and songs. From early morning before breakfast until well after supper he sings his heart out with such fervour, that his neighbours have now threatened to feed him to the goblins if he doesn’t pack it in.
But Werric is not fazed in the least. In the dark of night he sneaks out of his little hobbit hole, jumps on his beloved hobby horse and bolts towards the quiet hills in Ered Luin, where he can sing his heart out without any neighbours banging on his door.


Werric is very pleased with his new tailor made Yule outfit, that he intends to wear the entire season!


So here’s my first Yule, or Winter outfit for this season. I have been working on my Winter outfits for the entire Summer actually. I know, this sounds weird, but I just love making Winter outfits, and now that the Season has started, I can finally start sharing them. Werric’s outfit was added on a whim to include this year’s new Yule cosmetics. My other 2021/22 Winter outfits will be posted later in December and January.
I am being super lazy levelling in Gundabad, or rather, I am just very busy doing other things, and now that the festival has started I am sure it’s not going to help to speed things up, but who knows. For now I am just excited Yule is here again. I love that festival. Never gets old.



Head: Helm of the Erebor Animal Friend, red dye (Skirmish Camp, Erebor raid)
Shoulders: Scrap-reinforced Pauldrons of the Khirvísa, black dye (Stout-axe Light Armour starter gear)
Chest: Garments of Shire Holly, black dye (Yule Festival cosmetic
Legs: –
Hands: Fingerless Gloves, black dye (Yule Festival cosmetic)
Feet: Groom’s Boots, red dye (Midsummer Festival cosmetic)
Back: Cloak of the Shire Holly, black dye (Yule Festival cosmetic)
Steed: Yule Hobby Horse (hobbit present during Yule Festival)


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