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The Old Hag’s Cabin



Despite the rain, I love October and all the spookiness that comes with it. I get in the mood for darker days and ghost stories. While unfortunately the start of the Harvestmath Festival has been delayed and is still a few weeks away, I’m sharing my October outfit this week.


I have been working on my spooky All Hallows’ Eve house for weeks now, and yet I still feel like it’s not finished (is a house ever finished?). My cabin in Bree used to be my little cottage house, but since the release of Rohan housing everything changed. I purchased two large houses in Rohan and have converted my Bree house into a spooky and mysterious cabin, with scary sounds, frightening beasts and floating furniture. The owner of the house, my loremaster Syve, is obviously up to no good. I guess these darker times of the year brings out the worst in people.


If you are interested in visiting my spooky cabin, you are most welcome any time. Don’t forget to light the candles and feed the cat if I am not home.

6 Chestnut Street, Withchet, Breeland Homesteads, Laurelin.

(To visit quickly: go to Bree, in front of the town-hall there is a Broker’s Office. Select the Bree-land housing broker and visit Withchet, 5 Chestnut St and cross the street).

Click on the thumbnails to view screenshots of the spooky cabin interior.


Shoulders: Fine Camail of Thranduil’s Cunning, black dye (Quartermaster Elves of Felegoth)
Chest: Woven Waistcoat of the Abyss, orange dye (Keeper of Mysteries, light armour)
Legs: –
Hands: Hale-glofas, black dye (reward Vol.III, bk9, ch3)
Feet: Superior Shoes of Bard’s Honour, black dye (Quartermaster Men of Dale)
Pet: Black Cat (Harvest Festival Cosmetic)


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  2. Pointy

    Looks amazing. 🙂 I’ve been getting all the potions/alchemy stuff recently and have added the potions table from the festival to the barn in my Rohan house to make an alchemy lab. I might move it all into the cave though, because the rooms are large and to have the stuff in sort of a sensible gathering means there are big empty spaces around. The cave is smaller, and already kinda spooky because, well, it’s a cave. 😀

    Why does your owl look so sad? Did you not let him have any treats?

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