Cosmetic Lotro

On a mission



Not only have I been on a mission (or rather many missions), to acquire all cosmetics from the Gabil’Akkâ Quartermaster, I have been on a mission to recover my ability to post to my blog as well. WordPress has changed the editor on my blog a few months ago, and the new editor turned out to be incompatible with the theme I use. I was unable to continue posting in the same format and layout that I have always done. It was extremely frustrating, and discouraged me a great deal from even bothering with outfits or taking screenshots anymore.
Just when I was ready to give up, I found a solution, so here I am again sharing one of my latest outfits on my blog.


The War of the Three Peaks missions offer access to a large selection of cosmetics from the Quartermaster. Not only cosmetic armour, but nice housing items as well. These items combine well with the rustic cosmetics from Wells of Langflood. I have a love for rugged and plain outfits and they fit my Beorning especially well.



Shoulders: Cozy Holbytla Mantle, cannot be dyed (Quartermaster Protectors of Wilderland)
Chest: Cosmetic Armour of the Gabil’akkâ, default dye (Quartermaster Gabil’akkâ missions)
Legs: Cosmetic Trousers of the Gabil’akkâ, cannot be dyed (Quartermaster Gabil’akkâ missions)
Hands: Cosmetic Wrist-guards of the Gabil’akkâ, default dye (Quartermaster Gabil’akkâ missions)
Feet: Hiking Boots of the Wilds, steel blue dye (Quartermaster Protectors of Wilderland)


    • I do take breaks from blogging, but always continue playing. Sometimes I’m just too lazy to take screenshots of my outfits, but this time the struggle was of a more technical nature. 🙂

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