Cosmetic Lotro

Travel companion

With all the current server problems it is near impossible to play at all, so I thought to make good use of my time and post an outfit that has been lingering in my screenshot folder for a while.
Earlier in June I posted The Lonely Traveller outfit. Luckily for my elf she has found a companion since then and is now travelling around with Ayla, a stray shepherd dog that just wouldn’t leave and is tagging along wherever she goes. The dog is very sweet but unfortunately not too bright and often unwittingly attracts the attention of orcs at the most inopportune moments.

The outfit is another one in the category of simple travel gear. The tunic is light and the boots are sturdy and comfortable, and though they come in a green default colour, I used mossy green and white dye to make them appear just a little brighter. I also dug up an old retro shoulder wrap. I used to use these type of shoulders all the time years ago. Ten years ago they were the only decent model we had to create a Ranger outfit with. There are so many vintage cosmetic items in Lotro that I still love using. Combined with more recent gear, they get a second chance to shine.

Head: –
Shoulders: Cer. Shoulders of the Elder Days, Lórien gold dye (skirmish cosmetics Rift)
Chest: Reithvald’s Fancy Waistcoat, mossy green dye (quest reward 130 Legacy of Durin ch.1.4)
Legs: –
Hands: West-land Gloves, mossy green dye (metalsmith T4 recipe)
Feet: Hiking Boots of the Wilds, white dye (quest reward 130 Running Wild)
Back: Campaign Backpack, gold dye (lotro store)
Pet: Shepherd Dog (Minas Morgul Collector’s Edition and up)


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  2. Karen Krettler

    I always love the cosmetics you come up with. More than once I have gone back on characters who haven’t completed quest lines just to get a reward I can use for cosmetics. When I first started the game I wasn’t so concerned about the cosmetic aspect, but over the years I have truly expanded my horizons. I belong to a music band and we are always thinking up costumes for a theme or season. Thank you for sharing your ideas with us.

    • Thank you so much for your kind comment, your words leave me blushing! I am so happy my outfits still inspire other players. The cosmetic system allows for a lot of creativity and adds a unique aspect to the game. Happy cosmetics hunting and good luck creating a theme for the band!

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