Cosmetic Lotro

Summer night

The Midsummer Festival was incredible. I loved all the cosmetics and housing items, and find myself with no less than three new dresses in my wardrobe! As my real life summer holiday is coming to an end, it’s time to post some of the ensembles that I have been using these past few weeks. I fell in love with the default color of this dress. It is very pretty dyed in other colors as well, but I go back to the default every time. The gradient lavender blending into a darker shade toward purplish burgundy is just lovely, and the decorative leaf scrollwork all over the fabric really shines when presented in its brightest default hue. So here’s the original dress that, combined with white feathers on shoulders and cloak, provides an almost ethereal appearance.

Now that the Rohan housing area has opened up, I have been very busy decorating my new house as well. In terms of cosmetic content, I feel really spoiled this summer and even though the game goes through ups and downs, overall I am happy to still be part of LotRO. It is a beautiful world and I am grateful that beautiful new conent is still being made, especially in the cosmetics department.

Head: Winged Circlet, lavender dye (Skirmish cosmetic)
Shoulders: Lesser Voice of the West Shoulder Guards, rose dye (Quartermaster Enedwaith)
Chest: Arwen’s Dinner Dress, white (default) dye (Midsummer Festival cosmetic)
Back: Swan-cloak, lavender dye (Lotro store)


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