Cosmetic Lotro

Homestead land

Ever since the introduction in beta of the upcoming new housing areas in West Rohan, there has been much discussion on the forum about all aspects of these new homesteads. While people all have different opions and concerns about the design and landscaping (some that I agree with), I am sitting here like “can we speed this up already?”. I love all cosmetic and “trivial” aspects of the game, and housing is no exception. While I am not super fond of the Gondor style houses and I only own one house there, I am greatly looking forward to the Rohan area and am hoping to own at least one house in each homestead.
For a great preview of the new homesteads please visit Deco du Milieu.
I was under the impression that these areas would be released this Summer but I am not sure if that will indeed be the case. Please let me know if you have any more specific information on a release date.

While I wait, I have outfitted my main character with one of the new Holbytla cosmetics from the Wilderland quartermaster. This robe is very fitting for living a rustic homesteading life in Rohan. I wish the game designers would make more of these kind of intricate, super long robes. I love them.

Head: Ontamo’s Extra Cap, black dye (reward from Quest:Chapter 11.3: A Day at Díngarth)
Shoulders: Traditional Holbytla Mantle, grey dye (Quartermaster Protectors of Wilderland)
Chest: Elegant Holbytla Dress, steel blue dye (Quartermaster Protectors of Wilderland)
Legs: –
Hands: –
Feet: –
Back: –


  1. I think the plan is to release them when Helms Deep is released on the legendary servers (last I heard anyway). I checked them out of BR, the one in the woods is very well made, and better concealed in the landscape than the plains one. Neck in the woods… literally! I haven’t played around with the holbytlan cosmetics yet, but steel blue sure is a nice contrast with the greyish parts *thumbs up*

    • I hope this means July. Will be a busy Summer with the wedding, buying new homes and moving furniture, and later on a double Summer Farmers Festival Faire. No time for a vacation!

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