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It is being rumoured that SSG may be releasing a new Hobbit race in a future expansion. After the High Elf and the Stout-axe Dwarf it would be wonderful to have these Stoor Hobbits from the Anduin river added to our playable races. Of course the most famous River-hobbit was Gollum, but there are many of these hobbits living near the Gladden Fields. The latest expansion, Mists of Wilderland, leads into a secluded village beyond a steep and hidden mountain path, where River-folk live in a way quite similar to Shire Hobbits. In fact, I very soon found myself stomping shrews, sampling different pipe-weeds and delivering pies all over again, so a fondness of pies and pipe-weed seems to affect all Hobbits regardless of their region. To me personally, the quest line was delighful and a lovely surprise. I enjoyed every minute of it, but I can see how some players would find these lowly activities very boring.

The Hobbits in Lyndelby look a lot different from Shire Hobbits. They are less chubby and wear beautiful clothes with leather belts and bags, furry fringes and even gem stones to decorate their quaint outfits. They are obviously less “plain” than Shire-folk. Some have elaborate hair styles with braids and buns and some wear sandals or foot wraps. Their hobbit holes look more rustic and rural (and untidy).
For now I have to satisfy myself with dressing up my own Shire Hobbit burglar like River-folk. I hope some time next year I will be able to dress up a true River Hobbit!

Head: –
Shoulders: Westfold Campaign Shoulder Pads, walnut brown dye (T7 tailoring recipe)
Chest: Holbytla Travelling Shirt, Belegaer blue dye (Quartermaster Protectors of Wilderland)
Legs: Holbytla Travelling Skirt, Belegaer blue dye (Quartermaster Protectors of Wilderland)
Hands: Hól-budlan Hand Wraps, cannot be dyed (Quartermaster The White Company)
Feet: Hól-budlan Foot Wraps, cannot be dyed (Quartermaster The White Company)
Back: –


  1. Soban

    to be honest, in my opinion these “new races” are easy money for SSG. they bring almost nothing new to the game

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