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One of the followers of this blog made a comment wondering if I was going to take a long break from blogging again. Every so often I take breaks from playing Lotro, but never for longer than a month. So in effect I am always around in Middle-earth somewhere, even if only doing festival quests or redecorating my house. I am making new outfits all the time using quest rewards or festival cosmetics, but truth be told I am usually too lazy to go through the motions of taking screenshots and posting them to my blog. I guess I needed a little nudge so I decided to take some time today and get some screenshots published of one of my current outfits.

I absolutely adore rugged and worn looking outfits. I think they are my absolute favorites and “realistic” outfits are what I most use for my questing characters. I have all the fancy expansion cosmetics but I really never use them. I much rather find something a little less sumptuous. So here’s my elf huntress sporting something my loremaster picked up somewhere in Mordor. Sharing it with you just for the fun of making a new blog post to break the silence.

Head: Traveller’s Hood, Lórien gold dye (Lotro store)
Shoulders: –
Chest: Well-preserved Waistcoat of Adambel, Lórien gold dye (reward chapter 11.5)
Legs: –
Hands: Far-arrow’s Gauntlets, Lórien gold dye (skirmish camp classic)
Feet: Elegant Riding Boots, Lórien gold dye (Myrtle Mint Bree, cosmetics vendor)
Back: Fine Quiver (Tailoring recipe)


  1. Soban

    Thank you! 😄 I don’t know why, maybe it is a matter of right shots, but I think that even if you wear tattered clothes, they would look wonderful on this blog 😉

  2. good on the friend for the poke, because this is a very lovely (ruggedly lovely :D) outfit! and lorien gold is such an endearing shade, it can make for unexpected results between yellow and green(ish)

  3. Galthonviel

    Came back to the game this month, after a couple of years away, and I was so glad to see you are stilll making posts! I used many of your outfits on all of my alts for years, you are great at this. Now I will use this one for a hunter in Gondor.

    Oh, and the tattered and worn ones are also my favourite. 🙂

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