Cosmetic Lotro

Woodland ranger



Yesterday was one of those days that I felt really nostalgic about Lotro and wanted to make (yet another) ranger outfit. I know ranger outfits are a bit redundant as there are already thousands of ranger outfits out there, but I really wanted my champion to look the part. My champ is the last of my four endlevel characters that has yet to hit level 85, and I want to get him there before Helm’s Deep launches. But in order to get me motivated to level him, he really needed a new look. So here it is, very classic ranger, and I love how it turned out. He’s questing around Ethengels now and this is just the perfect outfit for it. Ready for the last few miles in East Rohan!



By the way, don’t try this outfit on your female characters. The appearance of this chestpiece on female characters is, (just like almost every other crafted T8 chestpiece), bugged and your female legs will look like overcooked spaghetti.
Meanwhile keep an eye on the Lotteries, as the Helm’s Deep Premium Edition can be won today and every now and again.



Head: Woodland Ranger’s Hood, ranger green dye (cosmetic reward Vol.III, Bk11)
Shoulders: Fine Grey Company Wrap, ranger green dye (cosmetic reward Vol.III, Bk.5)
Chest: Combat Armour of Éomer, ranger green dye (crafted T8, medium armour)
Hands: Battered Dunlending Gauntlets, ranger green dye (quest reward Isengard, heavy armour)
Feet: Woodland Ranger’s Boots, ranger green dye (cosmetic reward Vol.III, Bk11)
Back: Campaign Backpack, ranger green (lotro store cosmetic)


  1. ooooh nice outfit! Indeed, my huntress was wearing this armour before getting her full hytbold set, and it looked so wrong, I was relieved when I took it off her 😦
    on your champion though it has a new light, it sure fits him! The ranger accessories complement the chestpiece well, is a wonderful woodland look!

    • Thank you Gloredh, it’s such a shame most T8 pieces are (still) so bugged. There are too many deformities to make them useful as cosmetics, while their original design is actually quite nice. 😦

  2. Does anyone have a raccomandation for a substitution to the “Battered Dunlending Gauntlets” for the hands?

    As I found around, the “Battered Dunlending Gauntlets” are a reward of the quest “Scattered Companions” in Bonevales and I did it years ago and I vendored the reward (I didn’t know until now that I could use a regular item in a cosmetic set).

  3. I love this look as well! It reminds me of the show Arrow and of the Legend of Zelda. I have always loved green outfits. I will have to look into getting the hood.

    As always, I find looking at your outfits quite inspiring. 🙂

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