Cosmetic Lotro

The rose



On all her breezes borne,
Earth yields no scents like those;
But he that dares not grasp the thorn
Should never crave the rose.”

― Anne Brontë

I was finally bold enough to make a rose coloured outfit! I’m so proud, ha ha. I have always pretty much avoided rose dye. I think it makes most armour look like Barbie clothes and I’m not playing Hello Kitty but Lotro. Actually my female characters all wear mostly earthen colours like umber, sienna, black and olive. Sometimes I will throw in a little red or blue but I usually avoid the brighter colours like sea blue, purple and rose. Nevertheless I love it when I see players that use those colours in very original ways, it’s just not so much my style, at least it wasn’t until I saw Nathrien’s rose outfit and thought it was brilliant. It inspired me to come up with a rose coloured outfit of my own. So here’s the result: tough girls wear pink!



The shoulders in this outfit can only be obtained by Minstrels at the Minstrel class trainer in Moria, so even though these are cosmetically one of the best items in the game, they cannot be obtained by all classes. I hope that Lalia will some day soon add these to her collection at Lalia’s Market, so everyone can enjoy the cosmetic benefits of this wonderful accessory. As an alternative there are light armour shoulders in the Hobbit presents with the same design. You can try to roll for those on a light armour character, however that particular model has a dark background colour.
All other pieces can be obtained by all classes and used in the wardrobe. So even if your character is a Loremaster, you can still purchase the Guardian items in Galtrev or the Warden leggings in Enedwaith. If you want to know more about how to purchase items that are not for your class, check out my cross class bartering guide.
The leggings can be obtained at Lalia’s too as part of a full cosmetic set: Windsinger.



Head: Westfold Campaign Helm, violet dye (crafted light armour T7 recipe)
Shoulders: Shoulders of the Mighty Verse, white dye (Minstrel, Watcher raid armour, Moria)
Chest: Chestplate of the Indomitable Protector, rose dye (Guardian, raid armour, Galtrev)
Hands: Gauntlets of the Indomitable Protector, rose dye (Guardian raid armour, Galtrev)
Legs: Defender of the West Leggings, rose dye (Warden raid armour, Harndirion)
Feet: Cry of the West Boots, rose dye (Captain raid armour, Harndirion)


  1. Oh, this is a lovely outfit! I’ve reserved the color Rose for one of my characters, but haven’t used it yet. It’s good to see it can work out very good! It fits your entire outfit perfectly! It’s not too much… not… overwhelming is the word I’m looking for, I think.

    On a side-note: I loved hearing from you again! How are you doing? I hope everything’s okay!

    • Thank you Choc, I’m doing great! I don’t post new outfits every week anymore because that’s just too much of a chore, but when the mood strikes me, I still really enjoy putting things together and making screenshots. So once every so often, I still have something worthwhile to share with other players. 🙂

      • Ah, you’ve made a good choice, I think, by posting when you’re in the mood 🙂 I do some of both, post when I’m in the mood and post when there’s some news worthwhile to post (or when I have the time to actually post about it 😆 )

        Good to hear you’re doing great!

  2. This is pretty! I love quite a few of the bright colors found in LOTRO, but more often than not, they clash with many of the game’s pieces. I, too, stick with many of the earthier colors for a more natural look. Sometimes you just find something that unexpectedly works, like in the outfit link you kindly provided! I find the brighter colors work better on light armor or festival cosmetics, but I’ve rarely seen them used on heavy armor. Well done!

    And those minstrel shoulders…I love them. I admit using that shoulder piece far more often than I should. ANd it’s a habit I’ve been trying to break! 🙂

    • Thanks for the inspiration Nathrien, I’ve always struggled with the rose/lavender part of these shoulders, but that has been resolved now! I tend to use the (pvp) Pauldrons of the Wandering Bard more often as the darker shade is more neutral, but the Mighty Verse version is actually prettier. I’ll start experimenting with some brighter colours. Maybe orange…?

  3. Rei

    Rose is the best color ever! I even had my rks surname as Pinktacular for a while. The yule fest warsteed dyes very very well pink!

  4. oh this is stunning! I love the fourth screenie from the bottom, with her sword drawn and the rose halo of the landscape, she is both deadly and beautiful 😉

  5. Really nice! I like that helm a lot but I don’t think I’ve ever found a place for it in an outfit. Looks great here though, perfectly combined with the other pieces. I also love that you took the screenshots when the sky was the perfect colour. 🙂

  6. Lotrofan

    Love the outfit, but even more curious to what that sword is would love to add it to my collection in case cosmetic weapons ever happen

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