Cosmetic Lotro

Summer Traveler

Today I tested another Summer Festival cosmetic item, the Summer Travelling Cloak. Unsure if a cloak would really be useful for travelling in Summer, I walked all the way from Michel Delving to Bree to find out for myself. I must admit this cloak is very comfortable, even on warmer sunny days. It has a light texture and a wonderful design. Combined with this elusive Robe of Viisaus, that dyes in unpredictable colours, I think it made a reasonable outfit for my journey. I plan to use it more often on my walkabouts.

Chest: Robe of Viisaus, sienna dye (Volume I book 13 quest reward, also available in the store)

Head: Traveller’s Hood, sienna dye (store)

Shoulders: Shoulders of the Seven Stars, sienna dye (Annúminas barter)

Gloves: West-land gloves, sienna dye (crafted)

Feet: Soft-walkers, umber dye (world drop)

Back: Summer Travelling Cloak, burgundy dye (Summer Festival cosmetic)


  1. Pointy

    Nice outfit. 🙂 The colours are nice. I love my robe of viasus – such a horrible colour when you get it but when it dyes it’s awesome. 😀

    I might have to check that cloak out – I really like the scrollwork on the bottom half.

    • The “stuff around the neck” are shoulder guards. In this case Shoulders of the Seven Stars, which are similar to for example quilted cloth shoulder guards that can be obtained from Light Armour Smiths.

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