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Making my mark

The outfit in this post is truly an achievement for me on a personal level. The Silver-voice Robe is a Minstrel robe that used to be a reward from the Helegrod raid when it was still level 50. The more current level 65 robe has the same design, but is bright blue and cannot be dyed. Therefore the level 65 robe has less cosmetic value than the level 50 that can. Before the level cap was raised above 50, and before the Volume I books were redesigned to work with Inspired Greatness, in order to encourage players to help each other on the group quests of Volume I, a reward system with Marks of Triumph was introduced. This system is still in the game, but few ever use it. Thirty Marks of Triumph will net you a Sealed Writ of Helegrod, that you can take to the barter in Rivendell to exchange for a piece of Helegrod armour. Now I admit doing the Volume I quests 30 times solo took some time, but it wasn’t all that bad and at level 65 it goes pretty fast. Running the Helegrod daily for marks and then doing skirmishes is probably the faster way, but I really wanted to see if it could be done solo. It is most certainly a secure way to obtain the old Helegrod pieces, but perhaps you have to be a little crazy to do it, as the pieces are worthless in terms of stats for a level 65. But hey… anything for the looks! I got my Helegrod robe and I solo-ed it!

Chest: Silver-voice Robe, black dye (Helegrod level 50 armour, minstrel only)

Shoulders: Dwarf Leather Shoulder Pads, black dye (Medium Armour Smith TH)

Gloves: Elven cotton Gloves, black dye (crafted, light)

Feet: Westernesse Protector’s Boots, black dye (crafted, medium)


  1. Arandirion

    You might be crazy, but you’re not the only one! I did the same a year ago ish, but I actually did it… twice… to get the Guardian chest and leggings from Helegrod – useless stat-wise, but as you say, worth it from a cosmetic perspective. You actually also gain quite a lot of money and reputation on the way though..!

  2. Pointy

    Very nice, and well done! It’s much nicer than the LM robe of the Helegrod set, which a friend of mine got. I may have to try this. 😀

    So it’s the ‘instance’ quests that reward marks of triumph? The ones from the reflecting pools?

    btw, what colour is this robe by default?

    • If you follow the link in my post to Marks of Triumph, you find all the Reflection Pool quests listed there. There are 4 Pools to get the quests from, 12 quests in total with a cooldown of 5 days. The Sealed Writ has a cooldown of 28 days too, which probably means you can only open one per month. I am getting my other Helegrod pieces the easy way (with mark runs), because I can’t see myself doing this again for the shoulders and leggings! (The gloves and boots are horrible and not worth it imho).
      The robe is green by default so that has some bearing on the ultimate outcome. Darker colours like Ered Luin Blue and Burgundy work best.

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  4. lotromusings

    This is stunning! I am actually thinking about doing the very same to get some cosmetics. I am glad to know, that I am not the only one willing to do this for the sake of wonderful outfits!

  5. *raises hand* I’m also one of the crazy people who still go after marks of triumphs purely for the cosmetic value.

    Well worth it, this robe is stunning. Love it in black 🙂

  6. scptt

    You use to be able to get these level 50 teal pieces for marks and medallions, then after this last update it went back to the Helegrod barter piece drops, which don’t drop anymore. I guess what you did is the only way to get them now.

  7. Lora

    OK, I just replicated this look for my mimi. I love it so much! Still looking for shoulder pads and I might switch out my boots.

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