Cosmetic Lotro

Honouring the Golden Tree

No doubt the most beautiful of all summer festival cosmetics is the Golden Tree Summer Cloak. It dyes well in darker colours as it makes it look like velvet. I chose to combine it with an outfitter cosmetic that honours the same theme, the Golden Tree of Valinor, Laurelin.
The helmet is a world drop and I believe it is attainable as a quest reward too, but for easy acces it is also available in the Lotro store. The gloves look like the medium leather Barrow-Scout’s gloves but are not the same. These have a more detailed design and the bracer has a slightly lighter colour. I know they are also available as key-finder’s gauntlets.

Chest: Elven Scale Hauberk, Ered Luin blue dye (Rivendell outfitter)

Head: Helm of Heightening, Ered Luin blue dye (world drop)

Gloves: Belegmaib, Ered Luin blue dye (quest reward) – they look like Barrow-Scout’s but have a different design.

Feet: Scale Boots of Might, Ered Luin blue dye (world drop)

Back: Golden Tree Summer Cloak, Ered Luin blue dye (Summer Festival cosmetic)


  1. Pointy

    I might have to get one of those cloaks, it’s lovely. 🙂

    I’m not a fan of the hauberk – the design on it seems very bright and garish, and looks like it was drawn by a five year old Hobbit. 😉 It does, however, go well as part of the set here. 🙂

  2. I have already started using the Golden Tree cloak extensively. I love it!

    I like that helm; apparently it’s level 54, so I’ll be keeping an eye out for it as I level.

    That hauberk might go with the new Steed of Bright Days . . .

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