Cosmetic Lotro

Eorlingas Horseman

So here it is, the green version of the Isengard expansion cosmetics. The three sets are all slightly different, as they have different emblems. I thought I would like the white version best, but in game it wasn’t as good as I thought. The cloak is not true white but more of a washed colour. Not ugly, but not really white. The emblem on the white is a light green horse head. So I think I will leave the white set to make some other combination some day. The red set is very nice. It has a star emblem and I will try that on a female sometime. My favorite for now is the green set, so there.
All sets include a circlet, but I replaced it with my traveller’s hood, as I think that is a better match to this outfit. The gloves are funny as the left hand is fingerless and the right hand is normal. Maybe that has something to do with horse riding? Or using a bow? Who knows…
I am really happy with the horses too! They are mere show horses as according to the tooltip they have only 100 morale, however according to additional information they do have 200, they look awesome either way! I am really happy with my new cosmetics and have seen quite a few players on my server already wearing them, so I guess I am not the only one who instantly grabbed the offer!
The horses will not be offered in the store later on. I am not sure about the armour sets, but I don’t think those will be in the store either.

Chest: Hauberk of the Eorlingas, default dye (Isengard preorder cosmetic)

Head: Traveller’s Hood, grey dye (store)

Shoulders: Shoulders of the Eorlingas, default dye (Isengard preorder cosmetic)

Hands: Gloves of the Eorlingas, default dye (Isengard preorder cosmetic)

Feet: Boots of the Eorlingas, default dye (Isengard preorder cosmetic)

Back: Cloak of the Eorlingas, default dye (Isengard preorder cosmetic)


    • Well that is entirely debatable of course! I prefer the green ranger look, now that I have a shoulder covered cloak! πŸ˜€
      Will try the red options some other time, I’m off levelling at 25% increased speed for a while!

  1. Pointy

    Very nice. πŸ™‚ Odd that your hood is dyed grey but seems to be the same colour as the greenish cloak.

    I hope at some point they bring in at least a plain cloak that does the over shoulder style. I’m liking the way it hangs (which is saying something because I HATE the ‘garrotting’ wraparound shoulder pads in the game)

    The glove thing IS a little odd, seeing you have one covered hand and one completely naked one. It could well be soemthing to do with the archery though. On most people the left hand would be the bow hand and the right would be used for pulling. Could be that there’s no left glove to make sure you can grip the bow properly, especially while riding. The one-side bracer would probably act as a protector too on the bow arm so the archer doesn’t get twanged by the string. Speaking from experience that HURTS and repeated arm-twanging tends to make the arm go purple (I wear a protector that goes from my wrist to halfway up my upper arm). πŸ˜€

  2. Beautiful! I can’t wait to start playing with these pieces myself. I do agree though that the asymmetrical gloves is a little strange

  3. Tom Von

    Well, I like the look, but where’s the style? It’s nothing you created/combined, It’s already a set. No creativity, man.

    • Woman, thank you πŸ˜€
      The post you are commenting on was published the same day the Isengard pre-order cosmetics became available and for sale, and was meant to allow people to see what the set looks like as there was much demand for pictures on the forum. It is indeed not intended as a creative outfit, but rather as an example of the full set. You will find mix and match outfits with single pieces of the full sets in other blog posts.

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