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Rise of Isengard

The Rise of Isengard has been officially announced for release on September 27th, 2011. There are several pre-order options that can already be purchased now! According to the information, players will have access to all of the bonus items including the new mounts, cosmetic cloaks and armor, in-game title and XP boost immediately after purchase!

Of course, the must have for cosmetics collectors like me is the Legendary Edition. It includes 3 new steeds with MATCHING COSMETIC CLOAK AND ARMOUR!! Check out the looks of these new steeds and cloacks/armour here. It looks like we are finally getting the shoulder covered Ranger cloaks!

Rise of Isengard Legendary Edition – Includes the full Rise of Isengard expansion plus:

  • 1,000 Turbine Points for use in the LOTRO Store
  • All three Steeds of the Gap, new in-game mounts with matching cosmetic cloak and armor in all three colors for every character on your account
  • In-game title – Guard of the Isen
  • 25% XP boost for all characters on an account up to level 65
  • Access to the Path of the Fellowship Quest Packs including Trollshaws, Eregion, Moria, Lothlorien and Mirkwood


  1. By the way, I checked in game. The cosmetics are all non-dyeable of course, since you have to pay for each colour option and there’s only three choices, white, green and red. The boots are just TO DIE FOR. Absolutely fantastic. The cloak + shoulders are very nice and the chest piece is unlike any other design in the game right now. I love it! I hope I can show you some pictures soon.

  2. Pointy

    Interesting… I like the white clothing.

    I guess if it comes to it, getting the middle version would work – only one horse per char, but you could get one colour-set of each cosmetic and put in wardrobe for sharing. 🙂

    It does seem a shame that after all the hype about the next expansion being available through the pointstore, you can’t preorder with points.

    Any idea how much it is for the ones among us who won’t be paying in dollars? Or where we could get it from?

    • You get the horse and cosmetic sets on all your characters, existing ones and future ones. I now have 12 characters with all 3 sets. I think I will delete some as they’re just taking up space and they can always be shared through the wardrobe anyway. As a European I purchased the expansion in dollars, there was a Euro and Pound option too, but considering the exchange rate the dollar is a much better deal.

  3. John Does

    I am curious . If you are a lifer do you get the 1000 points? Also does a lifer have access to this if they don’t pay (ie acces but not the items or the bonus xp or whatever)?

    • Regardless of your account status you will receive everything that is included in the pre-order package. Of course that includes the 1000 points! As a lifer the “path of the fellowship” quest-packs are completely useless to me, but I got them nonetheless.
      If you have questions about what you will get with each pre-order package, there is a specific Turbine forum where you will find help and answers to most questions:

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