Cosmetic Lotro


figment [noun]
1. a mere product of mental invention; a fantastic notion.
a feigned, invented, or imagined story, theory, etc.
Oh yes, I’m talking about those ‘Figments of Splendour”, the currency that is used to buy various cosmetic items from barters at the Fountain in Bree. It was previously announced that Filbert Fig would be a seasonal vendor ( It was not further specified what season that would be or how long that season would last, but with update 24.1.2 Filbert departed. However much to everyone’s surprise the Curator had suddenly evaporated as well. When players asked about her mysterious disappearance on the forum, it was explained that the Curator was also intended to be a “seasonal” vendor. Since it was never communicated that she was going to vanish or that she would be on a rotation schedule, players that were saving up Figments of Splendour for her items, were quite upset. After an uproar, she has returned to the Fountain temporarily, but no one knows for how long, so get her items while you can!

With the departure of Filbert Fig, another vendor, Rowan Raspberry, has seated herself on the edge of the Fountain and she sells a few new items. It is anyone’s guess how long she will be staying. I’m figuring it will be at least a few weeks, but who knows.
The Figments are not character bound so you can earn and use them on all alts. The slow way to acquire Figments is doing the festival dailies, preferably with a few alts as well. The fast way to earn Figments is by opening Loot boxes, as they can contain cosmetic items as well as Figments and cosmetic items that can be disenchanted into Figments if you don’t want them.
I got the Jacket from Rowan Raspberry since I was capped on Figments, but now I will have to start saving up again. Not being able to plan for cosmetic purchases due to the random rotation of the vendors, combined with the currency cap on Figments, is frustrating to say the least. It is assumed that it will drive Loot box key sales.
Good news is that I LOVE cosmetic items but I do not NEED them to enjoy the game. So only getting the ones I truly truly like and not being able to get them all is just fine with me!

Shoulders: Fine Camail of the Expedition’s Vanguard, Belegaer blue dye (High-enchanter Barter, Udûn Foothold)
Chest: Jacket of the Wild Hills, Lórien gold dye (Rowan Raspberry seasonal cosmetics vendor Bree Fountain)
Hands: Time-worn Bracers, cannot be dyed (High Elf starter armour, medium)
Feet: Lithe Boots of the Expedition’s Vanguard, Belegaer blue dye (High-enchanter Barter, Udûn Foothold)


  1. Hymne, I came to look at this outfit again because I’ve been so desperately trying to use the Jacket of the Wild Hills in one of my own these past several days. It’s such an odd design and clings to the body in a bulky way, yet you made something so wonderful out of it! I’m hoping I can figure something out with either something that uses Lorien Gold, like you did, or Moria Silver.

    • It is an awkward piece indeed and it doesn’t fit well on all classes. Also the default colors are a bit limiting, but I still think some wonderful outfits can be made with it. Maybe with some leather pieces?

      • I thought about doing that, but most leather-like pieces were clipping with the legs and feet. The lower half of the jacket was just too bulky. However, I did have some late-night inspiration and I think I’ve got something worth sharing on my blog in upcoming weeks. I even put the Jacket of the Sunset Hills to use too!

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