Cosmetic Lotro


My outfit inspirations come from many different sources. Most of the time I start out with a single piece of armour that I decide to “build an outfit” with. Some of these pieces can be really challenging, and very often I find myself discarding a piece altogether when I am unable to use it successfully. Many pieces remain in my vault for months or even years waiting for the right inspiration.

In this case, I started with the chest piece. A piece that I picked as a quest reward from the Black Book of Mordor questline. It looks very dull and unappealing in its default color, and hardly seemed worth the trouble when I picked it up. However I decided to take some inspiration from the budding of spring and really throw some color at it. It turned into a pretty outfit for my captain. Not very traditional, but definitely an eye catcher, especially in a gloomy setting!

Head: Angolharn, black dye (Dunland quest reward)
Shoulders: Bolstered Pauldrons of the Ash Plains, default dye (Mordor Fan Bundle armour)
Chest: Woven Waistcoat of Bard’s Will, Shire-plum dye (Black Book of Mordor, Vol.I, bk.5)
Hands: Fine Grey Company Gauntlets, default dye (Epic Vol.III, bk.4)
Feet: Ceremonial Boots of the Gloom-bane, Shire-plum dye (Skirmish Cosmetics vendor)


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  2. How did I now see this in my RSS feed? I love it! It has that “life can be found, even in the darkest corners of the land” feel to it. And such a great and totally unexpected combination of pieces, especially with those shoulders!

    And it’s very adventurous of you using such bright colors in your outfits! I don’t often see that here.

    • Thank you for your kind words. To be honest, your bold use of color is an inspiration to me! I usually lean towards earthy, soft colors, but I absolutely love your bright and audacious outfits, colors and pieces, so I made a decision to be a bit more colorful myself this Spring. It may or may not work out for me, but I was encouraged by how this outfit came together and the stark contrast of Shire-plum with black.

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