Cosmetic Lotro

The dark shore

“But in the end it’s only a passing thing, this shadow; even darkness must pass.”

The Mirk-eaves, the landing right after Lothlórien, is a dark place indeed, and as you proceed further into Mirkwood, it only gets darker. It is a relief that after the destruction of the Ring, when we leave Mordor, we get to help set things right and heal the forest from the shadows. Nevertheless even the darker side of early Mirkwood has a beauty and a mystery in its own right. A good place for my runekeeper to help out the Malledhrim and show off another elvish outfit.

There is only one opportunity to obtain this robe in the entire game. It is a heavy armour quest reward from the level 74 quest “Answering the Summons” from Wynstan and/or “Banishing the Dishonoured” from Bagmund in Rushgore,  Great River region. If you miss it, you cannot get it any other way as far as I know. It used to be the appearance of the early pvmp champion armour, but it is no longer available from the Ettenmoors barter. So be careful when you select your reward for that quest. The light armour quest reward also has a unique appearance, but for cosmetic use, this robe is the best choice in my opinion.
I found the golden forest defender cosmetics to be a good match for the robe. I especially like the hooded mask.

Head: Hooded Mask of the Golden Forest Defender, Ashenslades green dye (Adventurer’s Quartermaster Bree)
Shoulders: Heavy Nadhin Shoulders, Ashenslades green dye (Dol Amroth armour drop or barter)
Chest: Ancient Inlaid Breastplate, Ashenslades green dye (Great River quest reward)
Hands: Gloves of the Golden Forest Defender, Ashenslades green dye (Adventurer’s Quartermaster Bree)
Feet: Boots of the Golden Forest Defender, Ashenslades green dye (Adventurer’s Quartermaster Bree)


  1. Another stunning outfit, Hymne, and with ashenslades green, no less! It’s not one of my favorite dyes, but when used right, it works wonders!

    And I don’t know how you manage to take such crystal clear pictures in Mirkwood. I can’t seem to hide or reduce the fog no matter how I try. Jealous!

    • Thank you so much Nathrien, I don’t know about any secret settings for Mirkwood though. I think that area is just a little clearer. I have trouble in other areas too. But turning off Post Processing helps a bit I think?

  2. Trajic

    I have tried and tried to get this quest, but neither Bagmund or Aculf will talk to me. I have researched and completed the prerequisite quest the best I can and when I go to Aculf’s camp, there are no quests available to me there, and I have all the quest expansion packs and everything. It’s really frustrating, as I absolutely *love* this robe and want it so bad!

    • Hello Trajic, in my blogpost I copied the info as it is presented in Lotro Wiki, however, that turns out to be incomplete!! I will edit the blogpost.
      I have checked my own completed quest list and it says that the Ancient Inlaid Breastplate is a selectable reward from [74] Answering the Summons in Rushgore. I assume there are pre-requesite quest for it because it also rewards Gold tokens. If you go to this page you will find the info there: Hope you manage to figure it out! Good luck!

  3. Trajic

    Ok, well I finally got to the point where I can talk to either Wynstan *or* Bagmund. But it says once you talk to one, you can no longer talk to the other, and both the quest you just updated and the original quest, (74) Banishing the Dishonoured, show in the Wiki as offering the chest piece as a selectable reward. So now I am confused and scared about which one to talk to, lol. But I’ll go with what you are saying and talk to Wynstan… hopefully that is the right choice! 😀

  4. Trajic

    Ok, I got the Ancient Inlaid Breastplate! Yay! I did in fact talk to Wynstan and took his quest line over Bagmund’s quest line to get it! Thanks for your help, Hymne! 😀

    • The Golden Forest Defender set can now be found on the Curator. She appears at random intervals for a limited time at the Bree Fountain. There is no way of saying when she will appear again. It may take quite a few months before she’s back, and even then she will only be there for a short while (1 week or a few).

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