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Beta sneak peek: Full colour

Today a new beta build was launched on Bullroarer, and as with previous builds, the first thing I do is checking in with the Lotro store to see if things regarding the war-steed colour packages have been fixed. This time it was good news! The colour packages finally work properly. There was another addition to the Lotro store that got me very interested: two new sets of war-steed cosmetics. A Heavy Set of the Entwash and a Heavy Set of the Wold. I bought those, but they didn’t appear in my war-steed appearance panel (Cithryth pointed out that unlike the other appearance items, these appear as boxes in your inventory). So while I cannot share those two new sets with you now, I can dye my mount hides, manes and tail, so that’s what I did!
And just in case anyone is wondering: the Steed of the Minstrel is not available on Bullroarer so I cannot try out its caparison and find out how it dyes.

I tried to keep the outfits for my hobbit rather simple, as during beta I don’t want to get carried away with “awesome outfits”. I much prefer to postpone that until after launch when I will slowly work my characters up in levels and acquire all my pieces one by one. To me that is the fun of outfitting and I don’t want to ruin my own fun by going all out in beta. So these outfits are no more than sneak peeks. On the planes of Rohan you will encounter many wild horses. I halted next to one that resembled mine to take my screenshots. It’s almost twice as big as my war-pony!

Head: Adventurer’s Hat, orange dye (skirmish cosmetic)
Shoulders: Assault Pauldrons of Éomer, orange dye (crafted lvl85 light armour)
Chest: Assault Robe of Éomer, orange dye (crafted lvl85 light armour)

Head: empty
Body: Lore-master’s Caparison, orange dye
Legs: Lore-master’s Leggings, orange dye
Saddle: empty
Gear: Steed of Night accessory
Hide: Black
Tail: Red Roan

On the live server it is highly unlikely that I will (be able to) buy the Rune-keeper’s and Lore-master’s Steeds for my hobbit, but playing with these options in Beta is sure fun!
This armour is among the items that you can barter for in Snowbourn. You need tokens to purchase the gear but it isn’t hard to earn those as you level. All barter and reputation armour is decorated with the different emblems from the Rohan regions. The barter also has several cloaks available, including 4 hooded cloaks that are cosmetics.
Some players complain that this barter gear and other quest rewards are simple “re-colours” of old world armour models. In my opinion it’s more of an intense make-over than a simple re-colour job. Some models have been smoothed out and the detail on them is certainly a cut above their original old world examples.

Head: Steel Helm of the Wold, gold dye (Snowbourn barter, lvl 76 heavy armour)
Chest: Padded Robes of the Wold, gold dye (Snowbourn barter, lvl 76 light armour)
Hands: Assault Gloves of Éomer, gold dye (crafted lvl85 light armour)

Head: empty
Body: Rune-keeper’s Caparison, ranger green dye
Legs: Rune-keeper’s Leggings, ranger green dye
Saddle: Burglar’s Saddle
Gear: Rune-keeper’s Gear
Hide: Liver Chestnut
Tail: Black Chestnut

The nice thing about the class steed cosmetics is that they have relatively small caparisons. Most caparisons that you can buy separately in the Lotro store are huge. While this may be very nice for some occasions, when I quest with my characters I always prefer to go by practical outfits. Somehow those enormous blankets don’t seem very practical.
There are several war-steed appearance sets that can be earned as quest rewards and have the Rohan emblems printed on them. These have smaller caparisons as well. A preview of these were posted by Jadzi on the Lotro forums.
One last thing I’d like to say in this lengthy post is that I despise the “blind” eyes on the horses. Horses have deep black smooth eyes, but the war-steed eyes are a dull grey which are the very characteristics of blind eyes.

Head: Assault Hat of Éomer, sienna dye (crafted lvl85 light armour)
Shoulders: Combat Pauldrons of Éomer, rust dye (crafted lvl85 medium armour)
Chest: Eastemnet Battle Armour, grey dye (crafted lvl80 heavy armour)
Hands: Combat Gauntlets of Éomer, rust dye (crafted lvl85 medium armour)
Feet: Combat Boots of Éomer, white dye (crafted lvl85 medium armour)

Head: Guardian’s Halter, rust dye
Body: Burglar’s Caparison, rust dye
Legs: Battle Mail Leggings, sienna dye
Saddle: Lore-master’s Saddle
Gear: empty
Hide: Red Roan
Tail: Black


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  2. If you look in your inventory, those new war-steed cosmetics show up as a box you have to open and then right click each piece to get it in your war-steed panel. Weird, but it does get to you.

  3. Wow, I like it that you can even color your mount! That’s something to look forward to 🙂 With these “Simple” outfits, you’ve yet again created a lovely outfit! These are truly great to ride in. Or so I can imagine. I know of one particular hobbit who’d be very jealous if she could see these outfits and mounts. Perhaps it’s good she can’t… yet. She’ll need to work very hard to get the outfits and the ponies she’d like to have 😀 I know she’ll be nagging me till she’s got at least one of them! She’s all for ponies!
    The grey eyes of the mounts are kinda creepy. I really hope they’ll fix that when RoR goes live. It’s downright creepy….. I’ve got another hobbit who’s not so enthusiastic of riding ponies and when she’d see one of those grey-eyed ones, I think she’d freak out and she’d never ride again. And just when I had her convinced that the new Harvestmath mount was an ideal mount for her. Hmmm…. Better get her on a mount before RoR goes live 🙂
    Anyway, thanks again for sharing everything! It’s lovely as always.

      • Oh, That’s something I’m definitely doing. I already find leveling going so fast while I’m still in the starter areas. Yesterday I was in the Barrow-Downs with one character. Intended to finish a few quests and earn me some money and before I knew it I was 1,5 level further. And there’s so much I’d like to see in Bree-land before going on even further. And Ered-Luin of course. There’s so much I haven’t seen yet…..
        But I’ll take my time. I’m not in a hurry to speed to level cap, etc. Sure, a few characters keep nagging, but I’ve told them to enjoy the scenery first 🙂

  4. The blind eyes thing seems to be a bug. In beta this morning I noticed my steeds eyes were shiny and black. Sometime later they went back to that weird grayed over as seen in the shots here.

  5. Pointy

    Very nice. 🙂 I’d still like to be able to dye mine non-horse colours though, but I’m just weird.
    When you buy the horse colour packs from the shop, is it by account or by character?
    Also, does the actual armour for the horses still sit in with your legendary items and take up LI slots in that panel?

    • The colour packs are per character, just like all other horse cosmetics. It’s going to be very expensive dressing up, but then I have always supported and preferred exclusive cosmetics through the store rather than +stat tomes and relics. I cannot answer your last question, as I currently don’t have a bridle slotted.

      • Pointy

        That’s a shame. Although I guess it depends on how expensive the colour packs actually are when it goes ilve. The ‘per character’ thing is the reason none of my characters have the shiny class horses that I like so much. It’s far too much to spend on something that doesn’t benefit the whoe account – and the other ‘people’ cosmetics do.

  6. Sorchawen

    Everyone in my house heard my squeel when i saw these wonderful screenies. Thank you for sharing them and making me even more excited about the coming start of RoR. You always inspire me 🙂

  7. Rayne

    Hide and mane/tail colors are what I’m looking forward to the most, apart from the cosmetics of course! 🙂 Mine is going to be a liver chestnut horse with flaxen (white, basically) mane and tail. I can’t wait! I’ll probably end up spending all my money on warhorse cosmetics and color packs after launch.

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