Cosmetic Lotro

Blood of Númenor

The descendants of Númenor, the Dunedain, the Rangers, had longer life spans than normal men, and were able to administer healing aid to those afflicted with injuries and ailments. The Rangers were grim in life, appearance, and dress, choosing to wear rusty green and brown. They used a variety of weapons but were especially skilled with the bow.

For this outfit I used a minstrel chest piece, which reflects the healing skills of the Dunadain. The Serpent is the universal symbol for healing and as I see it, worms and dragons are related to that. I matched this to the ranger items and one of those elusive “Cloaks of Mystery” that you can buy at the Cosmetics vendor in a box. When you receive your Mystery item (cloak or hauberk) it is plain yellow. It is only upon dyeing the item (or previewing it in the dressing room with a dye colour) that a pattern reveals itself. Crell figured out that there are 20 different patterns, for each of the three armour types. These 20 patterns are (loosely described): Diamond Invert, Diamond Mid, Diamond Crossed, Vertical Stripe, Horizontal Stripe, )(, Mug, X, Box 4, Sword, O, Helm, Axe, Box 8, Golf, Torch, Pipes, Star, Anvil, Bow. It seems to me that chances to get a matching pattern on both cloak and hauberk are a little slim.
The way the bright yellow default dye takes on the colours is a bit odd. None of the available dye colours cover the yellow completely as they all remain somewhat translucent. You can achieve some very cool and rare colours though! On this cloak I used burgundy dye, which looks like sienna when applied. I think this pattern matches nicely to the chest piece. The Leather Cloak is my favorite so far.

Chest: Dirge-singer’s Jacket, rust dye (Galtrev minstrel class armour)
Head: Worn Ranger’s Hood, black dye (Vol.III, Book 4 cosmetic reward)
Hands: Gloves of the [Quiet Knife], black dye (Ox-clan Camp [burglar]/hunter/warden class armour)
Legs: Scout’s Weathered Leather Leggings, sienna dye (Isengard quest reward)
Feet: Worn Ranger’s Boots, black dye (Vol.III, Book 4 cosmetic reward)
Back: Leather Cloak of Mystery, burgundy dye (Skirmish camp mystery cosmetic)


  1. Sig

    Somehow I’ve completely missed this ‘mystery box” cosmetic and have just now found out about it due to this post! Thanks! Something else to go off looking for.. lol

    Cool looking hunter! I like it!

  2. Blood of Numenor with a golden dragon on the chest ? It’s more an outfit for one of the archers of Bard, in my opinion.

    But very nice outfit, light and practical. By the way, where did you take these perfectly matched screenshots ? Is it Mirkwood ? In my memories it wasn’t so brown and orange.

    • Thanks Edward. You gotta use a bit of imagination when creating an outfit 😉 Screenshots were taken in Mirkwood but you got to wait for dusk to get this light and those colours.

  3. Your banner photo for this post is AMAZING! I love that your hunter is blending in to an environment other than green trees. I like the burgundy on the cloak as well, I’ve experimented with the mystery items and decided that I like common navy dye on them. It gives the cloaks a different blue than I’m used to.

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  5. alekazam

    i love the third pic, it must have taken a long time to get it just right where the arrow is still on the screen after releasing, i love the dragon on the chest plate, and the knife in the boot is great as well

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