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Riders of Rohan cosmetics & pre-purchase cloak

The Legendary Edition of the Riders of Rohan package comes with a full set of cosmetic items. The Heroic Edition only has the hauberk. If you use the pre-purchase option and buy the expansion before September 5th, you also get four level 75 statted cloaks in your package. Two of which are hooded and two hoodless. If you are already at level cap, the stats on this cloak are in most cases not an upgrade (unless you are just beginning to gear up or lack certain stats), so this is generally an extra cosmetic item that matches the armour.

The cosmetic items and cloaks cannot be dyed. Considering that their default appearance is your only option, they are not worth much to someone who likes to be creative and unique with outfits. These items are well designed and most certainly very beautiful, but already seeing half of the server walking around in the same cosmetics is not my idea of what outfitting is all about. So to me, these are nice collectors items, but I doubt I will be using them very much. The cloak is probably more useful in that sense.

Hauberk, Helm, Shoulders, Gloves & Boots of the Eastemnet, inluded in the Legendary Edition of Riders of Rohan.
Mantle of Hwatness (e.a.), included in the pre-purchase of the Legendary Edition of Riders of Rohan.

The pre-purchase bonus cloak for the Heroic and Base Edition is a level 20 cloak with a different appearance. To see what that one looks like check Crell’s preview shots on the forum (thank you Jonathan!).

There is a unique cloak available for completing the deed “Horsing Around” that is part of a questline you receive with the pre-purchase of the Legendary Edition. The questline involves “horse-play” and is not available to the Basic or Heroic Edition. This deed has to be completed over time as you can only do two quests daily.The cloak is a cosmetic item with a real horse tail on the back and hood. This cloak can be dyed.

Per request I’ve added a picture of the Steed of the Eastemnet, as well as the rider wearing the hooded version of the pre-purchase cloaks.

Please don’t soil the comment section of this blog with complaints and remarks about the price of the expansions packs. While I agree that the price is steep, I kindly ask you to take those discussions to the Lotro pre-purchase discussion forum.


  1. Elinnea

    Thanks for showing them, I can always count on you for nice-quality images of the new cosmetics. I think the set looks very nice – it would be fun to wear during the epic instances, so I feel like I’m really part of Rohan. The gloves and boots look nice on their own too. It would of course be better if they could be dyed.

    The horse cloak makes me giggle. That would have been useful for the masquerade party my kin held recently.

  2. Ivy

    I agree, Hymne. They are gorgeous, but why the dye hate? Perhaps they will change that in the future. /think positive

  3. Absolutely beautiful armor! Thanks for the great pictures! πŸ™‚ I especially love the cloak and the helm.
    I’m afraid I’ll have to cave and buy the legendary edition: the horses, 6th bag and cosmetics (+ xp token and skirmish soldier appearance) together are too much to resist.

  4. Enomeg of Windfola

    Finally, some amazing armor from Rohan! I hope they include more like this in the quests and vendors for the new expansion (preferably ones that can be dyed). We’ve seen a peak at the expansion in the form of horse combat, but it seemed to just show off the Legendary Edition armor. The steed looks amazing as well, you should try to get some pics of it. Unfortunately, I’m too poor to buy it at the moment, but I’m starting to save right now! This and Halo 4 are going to be all I think about until the end of the year.

  5. I wouldn’t say the stats on the cloaks are useless. None of the Draigoch cloaks aside from the vitality heavy one have any vitality on them, so the fact that all of these cloaks have +56 vitality on each option means that while you’re taking less than half of your main stat, you gain some morale (and perhaps more importantly) and some mitigations. Also, the amount of mastery on these cloaks makes them worthwhile, too.

    I’m certainly not going to stop using my Draigoch cloaks completely, but if you want a little more flexibility in your build (perhaps for PvMP or non-raid content) then these cloaks are far from worthless.

    • Nothing is ever completely useless, but the stats on the melee cloak are identical to the level 73 cloak purchased from Theodreds Riders. There are better cloaks than that, crafted even. In any case it may be of use in some cases, but mostly useful as a cosmetic.

  6. DarkJackal

    The fit and feel are fantastic on these pieces if you want to look the part of a Rider of Rohan (which is the point of it all, I know), but I agree the lack of dye makes me think twice on tossing out the cash for the Legendary Ed. I’ll have to decide based on the other bonuses in the bundle.

  7. Faulk

    I need to say that your ability to take screenshots is awesome and I would to ask one more thing.
    I asked about how I can take a good screenshot and you referred the LOTRO Stylist Blog. But hey, there’s one thing that doesn’t respond to my question: I want to know HOW I can take a screenshot very close to my character that can appear his entire body. I’ve tried a lot of things in-game and the only type of screens I can take very close from the character is the ones that appear in the middle of the waist (his belly to be more precise)… the Photo #2 of the RoR pre-order is the type of screen I want to take. What I need to do to angle the character like that?

    • Hello Faulk, you need to scroll in toward your character so that the feet touch the bottom of your screenshot. You can use the scroll button on your mouse, but it’s more precise to use the + and – keys on your keyboard. The character size in your screenshot will then depend on your resolution. I play at 1920×1080 so actually my characters are fairly small. You can compare my sizes to The Starry Mantle, who plays at a much higher resolution, and notice that her characters are much larger in size. If you yourself play at a lower resolution, then your characters will probably be smaller in a screenshot.
      The focal point of the UI layout is the head of your character, so the face will always be in the middle of your screenshot, no matter what you try. Zooming in closer only results in the feet and legs disappearing from the screen, while the head remains in the midpoint. It is possible to cheat around this by making your character do a movement or emote that will take him out if the UI midpoint focal zone. An example is the /dance_man2 emote or combat skills like the Champions Rend skill.

  8. Trust you to have good shots of the cosmetics as soon as possible. πŸ™‚

    As it is, I can see the armour set’s pieces useful; with RoI pre-order cosmetics, the boots of the sets look, imo, terrible on female characters. They’re just over-the-top clunky and clumsy. Trying to find a pair of that would look better on a female, and dye to a similar shade as the Rohirrim sets (Eorlingas and Helmingas, respectively) has proven to be an arduous task indeed.

    However, with the boots of this armour set, they’re a good fit. Both in their decorations and in their shade. Similarly, I can see myself using the shoulders in different outfits, as well as the cloak, which is, of course, a good fit for a horsemaiden to wear.

    The ‘undyabillty’ is unfortunate, but for hunters and, perchance, burglars, the shade’s fitting, imo.

    This expansion has rekindled my desire to level my Rohirrim burglar and get her home. :p

  9. Thank you for these images! I’m…torn. As you say, I’m really not that interested in items that don’t dye. I only rarely use the three pre-order cloaks or armour from Isengard (okay, boots and shoulders, yes). That said, it /is/ a lovely set of armour, and I’m glad to have such a good look.

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  11. Graph

    I like your new background! Gives the site a dose of awesomeness, not that it hadn’t been awesome before, but that was because the content πŸ™‚ Keep up the good work!

    • The warsteed skill does not appear until the release of RoR. So far, no information on the steeds and their skills has been given by Turbine. We’ll have to wait and see what is being released later this summer.

      • Iren

        Thanks )

        New cosmetic looks nice ) I only wish so much they were dyaeble, I mean, we see multi-colored Rohirrim npcs in Stangard, there are obviously some colors aside of green and brown in their life…not complaining, only wondering

    • The skill is called Favour of the Mearas, and has a cooldown (day) and power cost (100+), but nothing else other than the comment that it’s supposedly useful in combat.

  12. *squee* the Rohan cosmetics are amazing πŸ™‚ it’s indeed a great pity they can’t be dyed (why do they always spoil the most epic cosmetics like that?!).

  13. Harperella

    I found that the new pre-order cosmetics mix-and-match nicely with the Rise of Isengard pre-orders (the Green Eorlingas set at least). I’ve got Eorlingas shoulders and cloak with the new hauberk, gloves, helmet, and boots and it looks great!


    • This is so, so true. My rohirrim burglar has bemoaned the fact that the RoI-cosmetic boots look terribly clunky and clumsy and BIG on girl, and it’s been a pain to try to match the dye of the Eorlingas-set… but now she’s happy with the boots of this armour set. They’re absolutely lovely.

  14. Thought I’d drop a note to you regarding those lvl 75 cloaks…
    A hint, really:
    Ranger Green dye changes the colour of a number of pieces so that they match quite lovely with the cloaks. Same goes for Gold dye.

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