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Quiet knife

Ever since the very beginning I’ve been totally in love with these leggings, especially dyed black. They come from the Burglar Rift raid set. But back when I was running the Rift I was doing it on my minstrel, and could not barter for burglar leggings. The minstrel leggings are nice too, but these… oh my. Back then I didn’t have a burglar high enough level to run the Rift, nor was there such thing as bound to account tokens, much less a shared wallet. I do have a high level Burglar now, but that’s of no use since nobody is running the Rift anymore!
So thank you Turbine for making these items available to all classes in the form of cosmetics. I finally have those leggings, and they look great on my female characters!

The head piece has another story, just like the leggings I’ve loved it from the beginning, but don’t have a Hunter high enough to run the In Their Absence instances and Ost Dunhoth raid. However regardless of class you can barter in Harndirion for any item you like, and the medallions of the Northmen that you need to purchase these items go in the shared wallet. Easiest solution would have been to just have one of my high level characters barter for it, were it not that their vaults are already packed with bound stuff and I am definitely planning on levelling my Elf hunter some day (probably somewhere around 2014). So with his meager 15 levels I sent him over on his horse to Enedwaith to go barter for that head piece. Actually that was a lot easier than I thought! With a speed boost on his horse, swimming and fording rivers, and staying on the path as much as possible I made it without incidents. So now my hunter has a head piece and a good reason to level up, hoping that some day he may make use of it (emphasis: some day…).
As Ketani mentioned in one of her comments, this chest piece is both loved and hated. It has straight sleeves on males, but females get this horrible “Michelin Man” design. Dyed black it doesn’t show as much and I thought that look was acceptable considering it’s also a good match to the leggings.

Head: Lesser Arrow of the West Helmet, black dye (Enedwaith barter, medallions of the Northmen)
Shoulders: Leather Shoulder Guards of the Leaping Stag, black dye (Dunland quest reward, medium)
: Cel-crus, black dye (BoE drop from Isengard instances, light armour)
Hands: (Cer.) Thrill-seeker’s Gloves, umber dye (Skirmish camp, Rift cosmetic)
Legs: (Cer). Thrill-seeker’s Leggings, black dye (Skirmish camp, Rift cosmetic)
Feet: (Cer.) Boots of the Gloom-bane, umber dye (Skirmish camp, Rift cosmetic)
Back: Plain Cloak, black dye (outfitter, cosmetic)


  1. Oh wow I didn’t even know this head piece existed! How did that happen?!?
    So now the question is : do I have enough of those medallions? It would actually look good on my current outfit.

    I’m going through your website and I keep wanting more and more cosmetics.

    Could you tell me what settings you use when taking screeshots? Mine never come out so good. I hadn’t even noticed some details on the shoulder piece, and I’ve been wearing it for months! (maybe that’s due to the sienna dye…)

    Hope my english is OK in this comment. If not, well, sorry!^^

  2. Lasswen

    I *love* that shirt, and I use it on my female hunter too! And I use it with the default white dye, for a ‘minstrel’ look playing music at concerts/open-mic.
    Normally I like the details on the shoulder of Cel-Crus, I almost didn’t notice that you’d covered them up because this is such a great outfit.

  3. Awesome stealthy burglar look! Cel-crus (puffy sleeves and all) sure looks great with those leggings!

    I wanted to use a particular Ost Dunhoth piece in an upcoming outfit, but man it’s tough to find groups for the In Their Absence stuff these days… so I ended up grinding out the medallions by soloing Northcotton Farm and doing the “Denizens of OD” repeatable… ugh, so tedious! Looking forward to some point in the future when cosmetic versions are available.

    • Yes the grind is boring. I have a few partners that I duo with, makes it a little more bearable. Looking forward to the cosmetics as well but I think we’ll see Moria and Lothlorien first!

  4. I really like this outfit – I’ve been playing around with this shirt on my hobbit minstrel. You really dont see it cosmetically equipped very often (probably because of the sleeves), but the black seems to really soften it. Going to have to go and have another look at this myself, see what I can come up with. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Haha, this is the first time I haven’t loathed that chestpiece on a female model. Well done! Gorgeous screenshots, as always.

    And isn’t it fun to get someone very under-level to somewhere waaaay over-level? I love the sense of triumph when I wander into a place where everything’s purple. πŸ˜‰

  6. great outfit! I can’t fully appreciate the leggings because I don’t like the crotch part (and underuse many of pre-RoI leggings because of that), but the whole ensemble is perfect and I love the screenshots atmosphere, moonlight and all πŸ™‚

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