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As much as I love the Elves from Tolkien’s lore, because of the way the male Elves were designed for Lotro I tend to avoid my male Elf characters. Their bodies are not balanced, their shoulders too broad compared to their hips, their legs and arms have the shape of a ballerina ready to dance and their feet are much too small compared to the rest.ย  When making an outfit for my male Elves I always seek to compensate for those imbalances. I avoid big shoulders, use leggings with a little “padding” and try to find boots that add a few inches to their shoe size.

As of late, a lot of new “fashion” blogs have made their appearance on the internet. Some because of the Newbie Blogger Initiative, and some just out of the blue, so to all new outfit bloggers out there: Welcome to the Lotro Outfitters Community! (lol, I should make that an official club). I try to keep track of all fashion blogs in my “Outfit blogs” link list in the sidebar, but if you know of any blogs that I missed, please drop me a message and I’ll add it. There is no such thing as too many outfitters blogs, as all bloggers have a different focus, different taste, different presentation and different ideas. There are so many armour and outfit pieces in Lotro that it’s neigh impossible to own them all, much less present every possible outfit combination in every colour range on one blog alone, so actually what this means is, we need even more outfit blogs!!
If you don’t have a blog yourself but would like to share your outfit with others, there are several possibilities to do so:
1) Add your screenshots to the Lotro forum “Show us your favorite cosmetic outfit” post.
2) Contact a blog that will publish guest outfits, like Lotro Fashion or Landroval Style.
3) Share your screenshots in the Flickr pool from Cosmetic Lotro. Selected outfits get featured in the sidebar on this blog.

Shoulders: (Cer.) Nenuial Shoulders, sienna dye (Skirmish camp, classic or cosmetic)
: Cel-crus, sienna dye (BoE drop from Isengard instances, light armour)
Hands: (Cer.) Nenuial Gauntlets, sienna dye (Skirmish camp, classic or cosmetic)
Legs: (Cer). Nenuial Leggings, sienna dye (Skirmish camp, classic or cosmetic)
Feet: Ryscdail – sienna dye (BoA drop from Foundry T2, light)
Back: Elrond’s Exquisite ( or Radiant) Cloak, yellow dye (reward from Vol.I Book 12)


  1. Yum, chartreuse. Great outfit! He looks very outdoorsy — a real woods-dwelling elf.

    It has been so great to see all the new cosmetic blogs. As you were saying, I think my favourite thing about having all these different blogs available is the different focus and perspective that each one brings and also seeing how each outfitter develops their own unique style. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Ooh. The details on the Nenuial set are just gorgeous. And you take such lovely screenshots. The third one down is my favorite.

    And as one of the fashion noobs — thanks so much for the warm welcome. I learn a ton about screenshots and combinations every time I stop by here or Starry Mantle or Lotro Fashion.

  3. Lasswen

    I do really like how the cloak across the top of the back echoes the ‘leather’ straps on the legs and shoulders.

  4. Haven’t really realized before how well those leggings and Worn Ranger’s Wrap would fit together; they have the same studded leather strips. Not to mention that cloak… which just shines in these surroundings.

    *waves* Greetings, and nice to know ‘new outfitters’ are welcome. I’m one, more or less. Despite gathering screencaps for a couple of years… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. I both love and hate that chest piece. I really, really wish you could get the smooth sleeves like this on female characters, too.

    Oh well, enough whining. I love the outfit. ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Ivy

    Thank you greatly for adding The Ivy to your list, I’ve admired your creations for so long and it was a fantastic morning indeed when I noticed it there. I hope I can be as inspirational to others as you have been to me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Funny thing, I’ve not really thought about the male elf body shape before, but now that I read your post about it, I suddenly realised what has been bothering me with my elf toon:) They do tend to be a bit oddly proprtioned. Good thing to keep in mind.

  8. alceu

    oh this is so nice ๐Ÿ˜€ i really love your outfits.
    but i hate how the weapons interact with cloaks in lotro ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  9. I’m digging through your old outfits again, and I just had to stop and say you did a really fine job with this outfit. You did really good work matching the chest, leggings, and boots. Those boots look really good in and of themselves.

    I think the most impressive part is how you matched the cloak’s top border to the leather pads of the shoulders and leggings. I didn’t know that was even possible with those annuminas pieces.

  10. Iโ€™m going to look through your old outfits and see how they measure up. You did a fantastic job matching this set. The chest benefits the most from your efforts, with the boots completing the look at striking angles. The cloakโ€™s top flows well with the leggings and shoulders, giving it an incredible effect that is reinforced by matching leather pads. I didnโ€™t know annuminas pieces could be put together in this way.

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