Cosmetic Lotro

Reveller’s Gilded Cosmetics

If just like me, you’ve been wondering why the 5th Anniversary loyalty cosmetics in the splash screens looked a little different from the real thing, here’s your answer!
Exclusive cosmetics & mount, similar but not exactly the same as 5th Anniversary loyalty cosmetics, now available for a limited time from May 11 to May 24, 2012.
These cosmetics and mount are slightly more ornate than the 4-year loyalty cosmetics.

I know I love the 4-year loyalty cosmetics, because they fit very well and because of their silk-like shiny texture. If these cosmetics are similar in quality, they are worth it!
For the mount collectors this looks like a very chique mount to own. As most store exclusive steeds it has the 68% speed and 250 morale. The good news is: its also available as “Account Wide”! This is the first time I see a store mount offered with an account wide option!

The cosmetics are also available with an “Account Wide” option, but if you have the Wardrobe, I don’t really see what the point of that is? Maybe I’m missing something here, but I usually delete excess cosmetics and keep them on only one or two characters.

Check out the different packages and options at the Lotro Store page.


  1. irenivy

    So they give 5year loyalty reward first and THEN put a more ornate version in the store?
    It cheapens the loyalty reward in two ways: firstly, because you basically can buy loyalty reward (for 4-5 years, no less) for money even if you played 1 day, and secondly because store cosmetics look even more elaborated. Something that only 4-5 years players had – the evidence of their experience – now is _sold_ and sold version is _better_.
    Am I the only one who thinks it is a very ignoble situation?

    • I think it’s totally cool and awesome that they make these items available to everyone! Granted, I do like the 5 year stuff better, because I have a preference for their simplicity, but it’s so nice that everyone will have the opportunity to acquire these similar items now. Now also the players that “missed out by a day” (or a week or year) can still enjoy similar items. I love it! And I’m part of the lucky ones that will have both sets 🙂

  2. Iorviel

    Does it dye? This is all I need to know! 🙂

    Looks like the account-wide mount plus the outfit for one character is more expensive than the account-wide mount and account-wide outfit combo, so maybe it’s a “package deal”.

      • That is true — but: if you are like me and have every possible wardrobe slot full of something, maybe it’s not so bad for each character to have their own cosmetics.
        When Dunland came along, I agonized over clearing space for quest drops… now we have Great River cosmetics, like the famous and beautiful Hat of the Concerned Elf… this way, it’s a few more bank slots used per character (or not), but it saves me the agony of indecision about what to remove from the wardrobe to fit in the new stuff! 🙂

  3. The dress is really one of my favorites. I was so jealous of those who got it before, but not anymore!

    Account-wide would be useful if you play on multiple servers. You have something nice to wear when visiting the other servers for events! But I’m a cheapskate so I just got the single server version of the complete outfit. XD

    • I’m so glad everyone can get these cosmetics now! Though personally I prefer my simpeler Anniversary set. And I don’t blame you for getting the single set, the account wide deal is still very expensive!

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