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Hauberk alert!! Yes, Hauberks seem to be an either hate or love cosmetic item. I have mixed feelings about Hauberks as they are not equally flattering to each race and gender. On top of that, even though all Hauberks share the same basic model, there’s hauberks and there’s Hauberks. Fortunately though, there’s a lot of choice when it comes to hauberks. Many of them can be obtained easily from the Outfitters around Middle Earth, some rare ones come from Anniversary boxes, but I have to say that the nicest Hauberks are being sold in the Lotro store. So that means paying TP if you really want them. Well, since I am a big fan of “FLUFF” in the store, have done and will do more than my fair share of sponsoring the cosmetics department, I have these Hauberks too. Funny thing is though that I have never really gotten around to making a good outfit for all of them, other than for the Hauberk of the Mirrormere and the Hauberk of Glory.

Well I decided that before Update 7 comes out with the new Mystery Hauberks I should at least try and make some outfits for the Hauberks that I already own before getting any more of those! So here’s another beautiful Hauberk which has a lot of chainmail. Good for guardians or other heavy armour users, but very nice for hunters and wardens as well. I didn’t use a cloak here because I like to see these shoulder guards all the way around the shoulders like a wrap.
Gloves and Boots can be crafted of course, but I am cheap when it comes to temporary cosmetics and got them from the Heavy Armour Smith in Evendim. Be aware that they don’t match when dyed the same colour, so I had to work with a darker shade of red (crimson) for the boots.

If you want to know where a certain armour piece or cosmetic comes from, you can look it up on Lotro Wiki, by typing its name into the search box. You can equip any piece of armour cosmetically through the wardrobe, even armour that is not meant for your class or level.

Head: Urdhol-helm, white dye (boe Isengard instance drop level 75, light)
Shoulders: Gwir-Palvais, white dye (boe Isengard instances drop, light armour)
: Hauberk of the Greenwood, red dye (Lotro store exclusive, cosmetic)
Hands: Chainmail Gloves, red dye (Heavy Armour Smith, Ost Forod)
Feet: Chainmail Boots, crimson dye (Heavy Armour Smith, Ost Forod)


  1. I like it a lot, I think this is a great use of the Hauberk of the Greenwood! The really bright, silvery mail looks excellent alongside the gloves and boots. Really distinctive looking. 🙂

  2. Nice! And you’ve neatly solved a dilemma for one of my characters, in finding chainmail boots that don’t have the banded scalemail look to them. I love the color combination here!

  3. I have long admired your blog and stylings. I have played lotro for 5 years and always play elves or hobbits as I have never been able to make an attractive looking human female. Yours always look lovely, espcially this one. Can I be cheeky and ask what origin and head you used to make her? If you can remember of course.

  4. Lasswen

    I have always loved this hauberk, but lament that I can’t get it much greener than the default, though this has inspired me to try incorporating the green with the other items. Love the combination with the boots and gloves too. And the shoulders are an item I very much want!

    • At the bottom of every post you will find a description of the pieces used in the outfit. For the shoulders it reads: Shoulders: Gwir-Palvais, white dye (boe Isengard instances drop, light armour). This means the name of these shoulders is Gwir-Palvais and they are a Bound on Equip item that drops in the Isengard Instances. Hope this helps.

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