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Update 6 preview: new PvMP armour sets

I am not a big PvMP player, but I am always infinitely curious about new armour appearances and cosmetics. So here, a preview of the new PvMP armour sets that will come with Update 6. Each set comes in three different stat versions (but don’t ask me about that!) and cost a lot of commendations (2500~6000 commendations per piece).

Here is how you will look in the Moors:










disclaimer: these are beta screenshots from Bullroarer and might still be altered before Update 6 goes live.


  1. Wow! I really dig the Warden armour. I wish there was a way to barter for a cosmetic version of these, as I will (probably) never get a PVMP armour set.

  2. These are all very nice, though I like the hunter, burglar and minstrel sets the most. (: Too bad I’ve always sucked at PvP (in all games).
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Norliriel of Belegaer

    So much salmon pink…. I sure hope these will be dyeable! I like the designs, though, especially for the light armour classes.

  4. Iaksones

    Thanks for the post!

    The bright yellow gold of the armor for the heavy classes & warden will be difficult to match, but I’ll tell you now the cloak with the bear from various dunland quests will work.

    Looking foward to seeing the captain shoulders and legs after they make a real texture for them.

  5. They are not my most favorite armour sets in Lotro but they are new. Always great to get new items to play with 🙂 Great news that they can be dyed. That pink color is bleh

    • They? This blog is written by only one person 😀
      I went on Bullroarer to take screenshots of the previews, and I only took them on my female elf. But if you need to see other options, you can go on Bullroarer yourself and check out the looks for your own race and gender.

  6. Pointy

    Minstrel! Circlet! Waaaaaaant!!

    Yeah… I dont’ like helms much, but I’m a big fan of pretty circlets. 😀

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  9. Pointy

    How did you get the screenshots with the nice blank background? I downloaded the bdrx thingie but I can’t get on with it because it fills the screen – you can’t click on anything else once you’re trying on your first item.

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