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Update 6: reputation mounts

Two new reputation mounts have been added to the Dunland and Rohirrim Quartermasters (finally!). You need kindred to purchase the mounts.

Dunland reputation mount

Rohirrim reputation mount

Thank you Ryssadis for modeling these mounts!

disclaimer: these are beta screenshots from Bullroarer and might still be altered before Update 6 goes live.


  1. Wow, those are gorgeous! Will be a while before I’ll get them (still only level 40 :D), but when I get to Dunland I’ll certainly rush to get those mounts. Thanks for the pictures!

  2. AD

    Wish knew what they looked like on dwarf :p and sure hobbits may wonder to lol probably not so great like most stuff ends up…

    • You can log into Bullroarer and either copy your character(s) or create a new one and auto level it in the E&G tavern. You can then proceed to the Ettenmoors to check the appearance of the armour by using the preview dressingroom feature: ctrl+right click.

  3. Elenluin

    Thanks a lot for sharing Hymne. The problem is I don’t feel like trying other mounts after getting the steed of the hunter :).

  4. mountreaver

    Just another color filter of existing one with piece of … pizza on butt? Are there any black/brown horses mount?

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