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Robe changed appearance

Today a post from Moranae on the Lotro Forums alerted me to an undocumented cosmetic change on the new purple Minstrel robe, Jacket of Resolve, Isengard instance reward. So I checked my minstrel and indeed, the robe has changed in appearance.

I’m not sure if the previous version was an unfinished version, or if the patch and addition of better icons perhaps swapped the appearance with the male version. I suspect the latter, because male versions have the belt on the inside. I’m not sure if this is a bug, or intended. I don’t even know which version I like better! The new version lacks the details on the front, but has a more ornate trimming. However it doesn’t seem to quite fit, because the trimming is jagged. I thought I’d mention it here and show some screenshots to compare.
I will bug it in game as “suspect to have been swapped with male version”.

release of Update 5.0                                 after Patch 5.1


release of Update 5.0                                 after Patch 5.1


There are so many cosmetic bugs still unresolved that I have very little hope that this will be addressed any time soon.

Update: the similar Loremaster’s and Runekeepers Robes did suffer the same change, as I checked myself on the vendor at the Ox-Clan camp. That may be a bug all the same as all new armour icons may have been linked to the male version only, omitting the female version.


  1. the old robe looked better imho, it made the elven lady’s curves so much more feminine. the new one is “just another photoshopped girl with cut off pieces of hips” robe, unfortunately that’s the effect most robes make on elves :((

  2. I just hope that they will take in account that this is not in fact a pure piece of cosmetic,: this is part of a set and the amount of medallions and seals to get it are quite consequent and they should not have changed it like that.
    Personally i prefer the first model. The colour was giving an extra look, as well as the back (on this picture it is hidden by the shoulders, but there it was really different than the other robes).

    If the robe of the lore master has not been changed and look the same, then it is not normal!

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