Cosmetic Lotro

Harvest Festival 2011 new cosmetics

A preview of the new cosmetics I found. All last years’ cloaks and masks are still there, but some really beautiful new stuff has been added this year! Two cloaks, a gown and a tunic.

Gown of the Autumn Nights – 12 tokens

Tunic of Autumn Nights – 12 tokens

Wrap of the Turning Leaves – 12 tokens

Cloak of Autumn Nights – 12 tokens

I’m off questing for tokens!


  1. Pointy

    Some nice pieces there. I’m loving the spooky branch motif.

    Has the festival actually started? I’ve seen no mention of it anywhere

      • Pointy

        I spent ages in there last year trying to get the skeleton horse… then they released it in the store afterwards. 😦

        Any mention if it’s available in there this year?

    • Pointy

      Actually I agree. There’s too much of the branch detail too close together. It could do without having it at the waist AND the bottom.

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