Cosmetic Lotro

Harvest Festival Horse 2011

The first thing I do when a festival is on is checking out the new mount. This one is gorgeous! Not a simple recolour like we had last summer, but an actual great design worthy of the celebration of autumn. Can’t wait to make an outfit for it. I love the colours!!


  1. Pointy

    Oh my that’s a nice horse. 😀 I really like it. IT’s obviously also been designed alongside the new clothing items as it has the same motif. I’m liking the spooky branch look. 🙂

  2. I adore the spooky branches, as well as the lovely grey horse color.

    Also have to say that I read back through all your outfits and I might have to try making a few of my own, it’s a great inspiration! I didn’t know about the heavy restrictions being lifted, for instance.

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