Cosmetic Lotro

The robe has changed for good

As some of you who have been able to patch and log into the game may have noticed already: the Robe of Viisaus has been altered for good. I have reported this change during beta testing as a bug and I am sure other players have as well. I included screenshots and referred to Freyjuska’s petition on the forum, but neither our beta bug-reports nor this petition have been able to stop this from happening. I am very sad. Players like me who quested for the Robe are sad because it was a unique treasure, but other players might have bought it from the Lotro store and are now suddenly stuck with something they did not buy.

If anything I would like to hear from some developer why this change has happened and I am sure that some players would be in their right to demand a refund of the Turbine points spent on the robe.

Goodbye miraculous robe…


  1. It’s not necessarily a purposeful change just because they haven’t talked about it. The Peace-keeper’s cloak wasn’t but it was never mentioned until they fixed it with this update (and it broke with, what, F2P?). Sometimes they just keep their mouth shut until they have a solution, it seems. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, though I’m not hopeful, that they change it back because I *loved* the way it dyed before. I even liked the base color of it.

  2. Pointy

    It’s horrible. 😦

    While I do quite like the additonal detailing on the visible part of the under-layer, it’s just lost its sparkle. And I do mean that literally. The belt doesn’t even shine any more, it dyes a dull version of the applied colour. 😦

    I REALLY hope this will be fixed. I got mine as a quest reward – my champion got it for the cosmetic value even though the heavy armour item was actually better for her. I’m annoyed. If I had bought this from the store I would be extremely so and be asking for a refund.

    I would actually urge people who bought the store version of this to do that – they’ve no longer got what they paid for, and if they get a load of refund requests then it should show them that people don’t like the new version (or at least that they prefer the original one).

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