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Isengard release notes of cosmetic relevance

I’ve gone through the Isengard release notes and copied the parts that I think are of importance to the cosmetic side of the game. I have not found any mention of changes to the Robe of Viisaus but I’ll have to wait until I can log in to check what has happened to it.

  • Players are now able to place any piece of armour into the wardrobe, even if they cannot wear it.
  • Vendors will now restrict the sale of Reputation and Glory specific items. As a player you will still be able to see all available items but will not be allowed to purchase the item unless you meet the Reputation and Glory required to use it.
  • The Isengard cosmetic armor and pocket item can now be restored to the player using the /reclaim command.
  • The Cloak of the Westfold (Isengard pre-order item) appearance has been adjusted to be whiter.
  • Cloak of the Peacekeeper has had its appearance fixed.
  • The super-sized shield Frothskold is now normal sized for a light shield.
  • There were some crafted cloaks that did not support all of the available dye colors. These cloaks have been corrected to do so.
  • Examining items from links in chat windows should now properly include dye and crafter info.

I’m very happy about the Cloak of the Peacekeeper! Kudos to the players that bugged it over the past year or so. Shame about the shield though, I always thought hobbits with that shield looked awesome. 😦


  1. Pointy

    Nooooooo!!!!!! The size of that shield was the best reason to have it! Besides there are other light shields that are huge – Calenglad’s for one. So not fair. 😦

    What was werong with the cloak of the peacekeeper?

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