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The road to Isengard

I have spent the last few days preparing my characters for the launch of Rise of Isengard. There wasn’t much left to do as I had already reached my pre-launch goals a while ago, but I got most of them dressed up in a new outfit. My minstrel will be my first character to journey into Dunland and Isengard and I plan on taking it all in one step at a time, so I’m not anticipating to level really fast. To prepare her for travel and combat I created one last pre-Isengard outfit. I am sure that in the coming weeks I will be able to use various pieces of armour from the new expansion, and since they are all so beautiful I assume they will become a permanent part of my wardrobe. I am looking forward to launch tomorrow and I wish everyone a wonderful journey!

Chest: Hauberk of the Mirrormere, white dye (store exclusive cosmetic)

Head: Helm of Heightening, white dye (world drop, medium) – also available as store cosmetic

Shoulders: Shoulders of the Westfold, default dye (RoI pre-order cosmetic)

Hands: Lindir’s Gauntlets, white dye (quest reward, medium)

Feet: Light Buckled Boots, white dye (outfitter cosmetic, Bree)

Back: Cloak of the Dove, white dye (store exclusive cosmetic)


    • Hello Marko. I could try a look like that but my fellow blogger Freyjuska from Lotro Fasion is the real specialist in request outfits. For some reason I am not very good at it, when I start out with an idea for a hobbit burglar I end up with an outfit for a woman loremaster… But Frey is really creative and might be able to put something together according to your wishes!

  1. Dani

    Hi, I’m trying to replicate this look for my Woman Warden – I’m able to get everything apart from the Shoulder piece as I didn’t join the game until after RoI was released. I was wondering if you knew of a similar cosmetic piece for the shoulders?

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