Cosmetic Lotro

Easterling archer

Knowledge of the culture of the Easterlings is limited. They were extremely tenacious fighters, skilled with halberd, scimitar and bow. They wore a headscarf, and featured cheek-and-eye guards and must have been an extremely wealthy and well advanced people, as is demonstrated by their exquisite armor and well-crafted weaponry.
Inspired by my own Prince from Harad, and Khepra’s Haradrim outfit, I made a female Easterling sniper.

Chest: Hauberk of Glory, umber dye (store)

Head: Ceremonial Leijona Helm, umber dye,  (crafted, Forochel rep)

Shoulders: Shoulders of the North Drake, umber dye (world drop)

Hands: Gauntlets of Fém, burgundy dye (quest)

Feet: Dwarf-make Skirmishers Boots, umber dye (crafted)

Back: Fancy Quiver, umber dye (outfitter)


  1. Michele Odette

    Thank you for this, and the other outifts. I am really enjoying cosmetics.

    Was wondering – where did you get the curved blade?

  2. Moudieh

    hmmph i love this blog and i have been thinking alot about getting myself something to dress my champion in, but since i am very stubborn and free to play and very low level (41.. looking forward to 42 new armour set) i dont know what would go for her. she also has gray hair and this is so very unique and cool that i dont want it to be covered. also, i have no sense of clothing a gray-haired female human thu imma girl myself. any help here?
    at last what colours would fit her
    BTW i love what you have done here, amazzzzzzzzzzzing.

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