Cosmetic Lotro

Prince from Harad

I am convinced not all men from the South were evil. Some have seen through Sauron’s trickery and have decided to go their own way and make their own decisions when it comes to fighting for Middle Earth.
This southron prince is dressed in an eclectic blend of pieces, dyed in gold and burgundy. Please forgive me for using my minstrel pieces, as I know for a fact that all classes have access to similar pieces to replace what I present.

Chest: Breastplate of Orod-Na-Thôn, burgundy dye (world drop)

Head: Song-caller’s Hat, burgundy dye,  (Moria tokens – minstrel, runekeeper, loremaster)

Shoulders: Songmaster’s Shoulders, burgundy dye (Mirkwood tokens – minstrel)

Hands: Iron Miner’s Hands, gold dye (reputation Iron Miners)

Legs: Golubadanir, burgundy dye (quest)

Feet: Boots of the Northern Star, gold dye (drop)

Back: Linen Cloak, burgundy dye (crafted)


  1. I believe the Elven Heavy Armoursmith in Rivendell sells the same or similar breastplate for a few silvers! Haven’t checked lately so not completely sure, but I know the design exists elsewhere.

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  3. Fergas

    Thank you so much for this outfit! I’ve done it on my captain and I really love it. But I had to change some little things.

    Just a day after I read this post I was questing my captain through Angmar and as I took a look on a quest reward I saw I got that Golubadanir. I was lucky enough to get the Breastplate of Orod-Na-Thôn for less money on the auction house some minutes later 🙂

    As I have no minstrel on high level, I have no chance to get those shoulders, so I took some simple elvish ones (dyed crimson). And as I don’t like the hat (could get it from my rune keeper), I took the Traveller’s Hood (dyed crimson).

    So here I proudly present my captain Fergas:

  4. Fergas

    Thanks. Played him for a while today and think that unfortunately this Traveller’s Hood does not really meet your Harad style, so I will change it. Have no idea which hat could work as option so I guess I have to pick up the hat from my rune keeper although I don’t like it.

    And I have to level up a minstrel to grab those shoulders 😉

    By the way, did you ever try to dye this linen cloak in one of the new colours? Gives some surprising and funny results.

    • I think a Lossoth or Leijona Head piece would also fit the style. I think the Lossoth piece is even in the store so you don’t need the Forochel rep to wear it. Or perhaps the Ceremonial Wandering Bard’s helm? But you have to do the Rift rescue for a while to get the marks. I used the Moria helm because it has a gold trim, fitting for a prince. I don’t really have a good recommendation for the shoulders as I like the golden accents that these particular shoulders have. I’ll think about it.
      And the new dye colours are different on this cloak indeed!

  5. Fergas

    I found a solution by fluke. There’s a hooded version of this linen cloak called ‘Loose Linen Cloak’. The reciepe is one time use on tier 2 and needs a sapphire shard but the result is worth it.

    So now I have this touch of gold at the head I missed in my first version. So now it’s perfect for me 🙂

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