Cosmetic Lotro

Winter knits



Wrapped up in very sturdy frost-proof armour and fashionable winter knits, Rosemae is ready for winter! Thanks to some very kind and dear kinmates who generously dumped their loot into my backpacks last year (Ibsus, Valk, Tallic, Jedy & Elle) I managed to obtain all armour pieces for all classes from the Anvil raid! These pieces are beautiful and unique. It’s a shame that none of the pieces can be dyed so I have to work with the base colours as they are. Finding some comfy and warm accessories to these armour pieces was fun and I am pleased with this outfit for my little hobbit.


I am having fun running the Yule festival again because I still need an infinite amount of Yule decorations for my Yule home. I hope to create a video showing you around in my cosy Yule house soon, but at this point I am not sure yet if I can make it work. I can do screenshots but video and editing is something new!
If all else fails, there’s always screenshots, which is still my favorite way to share outfits.



Head: Knitted Cozy Frostbluff Cap, violet dye (Yule festival cosmetic, festivity tokens)
Shoulders: Yule Scarf, indigo dye (Yule festival cosmetic)
Chest: Enduring Chestplate of the Anvil, dye n/a ( Heavy Armour, Anvil of Winterstith raid)
Legs: –
Hands: Knitted Frostbluff Mitts of Comfort, violet dye (Yule Festival cosmetic)
Feet: Enduring Sabatons of the Anvil, dye n/a (Heavy Armour, Anvil of Winterstith raid)
Back: Enduring Heavy Cloak of the Anvil, dye n/a (Heavy Armour, Anvil of Winterstith raid)


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