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New Moon



Inspired by my fellow bloggers who every now and again create a “make-over” or post a “throwback Thursday” to Twitter, I have redone an old favorite outfit involving the moon.  Actually it’s a great idea to take an old outfit concept and redo it with newer items. I still love the original outfit, but I also like to use newer items that I have acquired, and sometimes they fit very well into an older concept. In this case, the robe and shoulders that I earned from the Gabil’akkâ missions. The robe features dark brown as its main undyeable color, but since I have a preference for natural earth tones I absolutely adore this robe. Another version of this robe is also available as armour and features a white middle part. 


The original outfit can be found here. The only item that has not been replaced in this outfit is the cloak. Actually this cloak, with the crescent moon on the back, cannot be replaced so easily. I do not know of any other cloak in LOTRO featuring a moon. If someone does, please let me know in the comments!



: Examplary Hood of the Anórien Tree, umber dye (Minas Tirith, builders tokens)
Shoulders: Cosmetic Mantle of the Gabil’akkâ, indigo dye (Quartermaster Gabil’akkâ missions)
Chest: Cosmetic Robe of the Gabil’akkâ, indigo dye (Quartermaster Gabil’akkâ missions)
Legs: –
Hands: Ceremonial Gloves of the Graven Word, indigo dye (Skirmish Camp, cosmetics)
Feet: Dungeon-crawler’s Boots, indigo dye (Ost Galadh, burglar trainer)
Back: Glûdra-clog, umber dye (Isengard instances, shares appearance with Hoh-dreng quest reward)
Satchel: Rune-keepers Rune Satchel of the Third Age level 67, indigo dye


  1. I didn’t know the palantir from the emote could get stuck to the hand while doing skills! makes for cool poses and I really like this glow up 😀

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