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Lord of Ships and Havens

He was the eldest child and only son of Tar-Meneldur, and he was born in the year 700. He ruled for 192 years, and surrendered the sceptre to his daughter in 1075; he died in 1098. His “right name” was Anardil; but he was early known by the name Aldarion, because he was much concerned with trees, and planted great woods to furnish timber for the shipyards. He was a great mariner and ship-builder; and himself sailed often to Middle-earth, where he became the friend and counsellor of Gil-galad. Owing to his absences abroad his wife Erendis became angered, and they separated in the year 882. His only child was a daughter, very beautiful, Ancalimë. In her favour Aldarion altered the law of succession, so that the (eldest) daughter of a King should succeed, if he had no sons.

– Unfinished Tales, Part 2, Ch 3, The Line of Elros, Kings of Númenor.

This is the first of two outfits representing the story of Aldarion and Erendis: The Mariner’s Wife, a chapter in the book of Unfinished Tales. The tale of Aldarion and Erendis is tragic, and I have tried to convey some of the conflicted emotions that played a part in their estrangement and broken marriage.

Shoulders: Medium Nadhin Shoulders, burgundy dye (Dol Amroth armour drop or barter)
Chest: Jacket of Osgiliath’s Fury, black dye (Ruined City instance drop lore-master armour)
Hands: Gauntlets of the Grey Mountain Stalwart, black dye (Ered Mithrin Quartermaster cosmetic)
Feet: Lithe Boots of the Abyss, black dye (Gorgoroth Steel-bound Lootbox)
Back: Cloak of the Citadel Guard, cannot be dyed (Lotro store cosmetic)

Two hearts with an incompatible perspective on love, marriage and the duties of a future King.
Erendis’ outfit is featured here:


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  2. I have somehow missed out on that armor set, maybe cos I haven’t done the Osgiliath instances much. So I immediately had to make a lvl 50 t2 instance and get my lvl cap mini in there :P. Now to make an outfit with it too 🙂

  3. Both of these outfits are wonderful, Hymne! I could think of no better place to capture such a narrative in LOTRO. Next time I read the Unfinished Tales, I’ll have to pay special attention to these two!

  4. Randy Carroll

    Absolutely stunning outfit, i love all your outifts actually. Infact, being a role-player at heart, i’ve actually re-rolled hgh level alts so I can run a character based on your outifts!! I have a question about this character, how did you get the white hair to be so “white”, i’m in character creation and the hair for humans is greyish-white at best! Im thinking maybe the character creation screen just doesnt have the same lighting effects and graphics as in game (which is obviously where your pics were taken).

    • Thank you for your kind words. It is so nice to hear people still find inspiration from my outfits! I think the origin of a character determines much of the hair color options. My character is from Gondor. You have to really click on several areas in the corner of white to find the whitest white. Also, the lighting you see in the character creation screen or at the barber is darker than what you get ingame. Hope it works out!

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