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Lady of the Star-brow

“All or nothing, Erendis,” said Núneth. “So you were as a child. But you love this man, and he is a great man, not to speak of his rank; and you will not cast out your love from your heart so easily, nor without great hurt to yourself. A woman must share her husband’s love with his work and the fire of his spirit, or make him a thing not loveable. But I doubt that you will ever understand such counsel.”

Erendis falls in love with the power and splendour of Aldarion, son of Tar-Meneldur, King of Númenor. Aldarion admires her beauty and gentleness, but his first love is always the sea. Many years of reluctant courtship follow while Aldarion is mostly away on his voyages, building ships and expanding Numenorian territories. They eventually get married and have a daughter, but Erendis is unable to reconcile herstelf to her husband choosing a mariner’s life over a life at home with her. In the end, she takes their daughter and leaves.

This is the second of two outfits representing the story of Aldarion and Erendis: The Mariner’s Wife. I tried to continue the theme of the White Tree of Númenor matching Aldarion’s cloak. I got this robe from the Dar Narbugud raid, but you can also purchase the cosmetic version at Lalia’s Market. It doesn’t dye very well, and the orange dye that I used turned into some sort of sienna. The combination with the soft blue is pretty though.  The Turquoise Summer Circlet is an old Lotro Store version that is no longer available. This version can be dyed so I used Belegaer blue to tone it down a bit. The regular version from the Summer Festival is Sea Blue and cannot be dyed.

Head: Turquoise Summer Circlet, Belegaer blue dye (obsolete Lotro store version)
Shoulders: Embroidered Mantle of the Doomfold, sienna dye (T11 crafted light)
Chest: Robe of the Lady’s Foresight, orange dye (Dar Narbugud or Lalia’s Market)
Hands: The Beastkeeper’s Gloves, Belegaer blue dye (Ox-clan merchant camp, lore-master)
Feet: Shoes of the Lady’s Foresight, orange dye (Dar Narbugud)
Back: Radiant Cloak, orange dye (T5 crafted light)

Two hearts with an incompatible perspective on love, marriage and the duties of a future King.
Aldarion’s outfit is featured here:


  1. this is great! (I’m commenting for both on this one post) I like the burnt orange of the robe, it is a nice contrast to the dark colors for Anarion’s outfit 😀 Anarion’s has that feel of “I was once noble, but now I’m tempered and shaped by time and weather” while Erendis waiting in Numenor maintained still all the splendor of her queen status, if not in heart, in appearance. Really well done!

  2. Andrew

    and..she loved the trees and not the smell of salty sea. she hated that he chopped down so much forest to make ships. (just a sidenote) love the Outfits and the poses fit true!

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