Cosmetic Lotro


At the Skirmish Camp there are vendors selling low level armour and weapons for recruits, footmen, esquires, guardsmen etc. The most well known esquire (at least to me) is probably Merry. When he offers his services to King Théoden, he becomes Esquire to the King of Rohan. However, there must surely have been many more esquires serving the brave knights of Middle-earth, carrying messages back and forth, repairing weapons and armour, tending to horses and assisting in battle when needed.

The Ered Luin Quartermaster provides a selection of cosmetic armour. These items were designed for the Zhélruka and other dwarves, but will fit other races just as nicely. Especially female heavy armour users, as the chain mail fits snugly around their curves. This outfit is truly a mix of totally unrelated items, but blending them together while trying to match the burgundy and gold base colours and chain mail texture, has resulted in a (more or less) unified ensemble.

Head: Helm of the Slayer’s Raiment, crimson dye (Traveller’s Quartermaster)
Shoulders: Shoulders of the Helmingas, (pre-order item Rise of Isengard)
Chest: Zhélruka Guard Armour, Lorién gold dye (Dwarf-holds Quartermaster)
Hands: Steel Gloves, burgundy dye (T3 crafted)
Feet: Steel Boots, burgundy dye (T3 crafted)
Back: Woven Heavy Cloak of the Towers, burgundy dye (High-enchanter barter)
Shield: Aegis of the Adventurer (Adventurer’s Quartermaster)

Mount: Steed of the Guardian


  1. I couldn’t stomach the embers grind and forgot this chestpiece existed at the barter npc D: it looks very nice in lorien gold and the overall color scheme is pleasant to look at. Reminds me of a roman centurion in a way!

    • I know the resource instances grind is boring, but they are an easy means to get more marks after completing all quests and deeds, and this chest piece is for Marks not Embers. I am not getting all items, but having a few won’t hurt my wardrobe 😉

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